Safe Church Model Policy


Safe Church Ministry developed this Model Safe Church Policy (this link navigates your browser to a "viewable only" Google Document, that you may download) to provide faith leaders, safe church teams, and abuse prevention teams with a tangible policy that reflects synodically approved definitions and protocols, as well as language and categories to consider including in your own policy. 

Please note that this policy is only a model and each church/ministry will need to contextualize this policy for their own local distinctive ministry. Churches come in all shapes and sizes. A policy that fits one church will not be a perfect fit for the next church. Churches change and grow. A policy that might have functioned well five years ago might not address the needs of your current church community.

Safe Church ministry encourages churches to do an annual review of their safe church policy, considering it a living document that reflects the ever changing nature of a church community.

Safe Church May Webinar Making and Revising Policy

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