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Given your past small group experiences, what is important to you as we begin this new small group?

What a great question to ask a small group at its first meeting! This brand new small group leader was wise to ask this of his group and heard some basic, but insightful answers. Here they are:

  1. We would like to finish the study guide.
  2. We would like the group to grow far beyond a social gathering or a social club so that we grow spiritually together.
  3. We want to hold each other accountable to actually do the studies and to apply them to our lives.
  4. We want this to be a safe place where confidentiality is valued.
  5. We want to serve together in the community.
  6. A year from now, we want our group to look different. We will do this by inviting new members and dividing into two group to accommodate more people.

These answers sound so obvious to those of us who have been around small groups for a while, but we should take note of them as we evaluate our groups.  By stating these values, this group has actually developed a small group covenant together. It will be so helpful to them as they make decisions about group life, evaluate next steps and work through conflict. Maybe you’d like to ask your small group a similar question the next time you meet. I know I will ask it at our group’s first meeting next Tuesday.

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