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One very practical way that many CRC churches have reached out to their neighbours is refugee sponsorship. On the Do Justice blog, Trang Thi, a refugee sponsored by a small rural church in northern Alberta, writes about the beautiful welcome she and her family received.

What kinds of stories do you hear about refugees? How does the media portray refugees? Do you know any refugees? 

“The Elgersmas were instrumental in our attempt at a new life in Neerlandia, Alberta. Having not been exposed to any other cultures, the simplest task such as preparing a meal was something that needed to be re-learned. Food preparation, including operating the stovetop, oven and other kitchen appliances without Vietnamese instructions, was a challenge. The story that I have told all our friends and relatives to help depict this challenge is the story of “Hot Dogs”. To preface this tale, one should note that food was always fresh in Vietnam. Every day I would go to the outdoor market and purchase whatever was needed for all meals that day. If food was expected to last longer than a day, it would be salted or pickled accordingly. The concept of a grocery store with refrigerated, frozen or preserved products was foreign to me.”

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