Spread the Word

How many people from your church are on The Network? To check, just visit your own profile and click on the name of your church.
The more people that participate, the better The Network becomes. Here are some ways to spread the word about The Network to others in your church and beyond.

Share Something

Sharing specific articles or discussions on The Network is a great way to get people into it. To the left of every article, blog post, resource, and discussion topic there are several sharing options listed:
You can use the buttons we’ve provided to share with your Facebook pals and other friends. Click the plus sign to see even more sharing options.

Email Your Congregation (or at least all your ministry leaders!)

The single best thing you can do to spread the word about The Network is to email your entire congregation about it. Or, at minimum, all your ministry leaders.
The Network has something for everyone in your church. That's not just our opinion - we see the clickthroughs that happen when a church sends an email telling everyone about it. 

Bulletin Announcements

Ask your church office or bulletin editor to run a short reminder a few times during the church year.
CONNECT WITH OTHER MINISTRY LEADERS - Have you ever wondered how other churches do a particular ministry? Well, there's a website where you can find out. You can ask questions, share experiences, get resources, read blogs, and more. It's called The Network and it covers dozens of ministry areas and roles. Check it out at www.crcna.org/Network

Ongoing Emails

In addition to the one-time email mentioned above, here are a few ways to remind your congregation of The Network throughout the year. They're in order from easiest to hardest and you can choose based on how geeked you are about this whole thing. We'll take whatever we can get!
  • Easy - Include an announcement (sample above) in your next email.
  • Easy Plus - In your next email, include the general announcement plus links to some of your favorite articles, blog posts, or discussions.
  • Now We Owe You One - If you have weekly emails going out, include a regular "This Week on The Network" section that lists some of the most recent posts. In fact, we’ll even send you weekly updates. Just subscribe to The Network’s weekly email and use the items we feature every Tuesday.

Church Newsletter

For short announcements, the bulletin or email list is usually better than a printed church newsletter. But a print newsletter can offer an opportunity to do something much longer. Two suggestions:
  • Reprint an article or blog post you found on The Network. Just be sure to credit the author and indicate that you found it on www.crcna.org/Network. The only articles you can't reprint are those marked ‘All Rights Reserved’.
  • Write something yourself about how much you love The Network. Nothing beats a personal testimony!

Church Website

Ask your church webmaster to link to The Network from your church website.