Sibling Squabbles


I have a pair of 9 and 10 year old girls in my group who get on each others nerves quite easily. I'd love some ideas for keeping siblings on track during Sunday school!  

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  Try making a written agreement with them not to act out in Sunday school and beyond. Tell them that is the way adults take care of conflicts when they due it correctly. Tell them that is the way God works also through his covenants.

  I find my kids respond well when things you tell them sre in their best interest. I ask them if we all love each other. The answer is always yes. Then why do we hurt each other? Isn't there a better way? What should it look like? Your a good person and so is your sibling. Don't we all make mistakes. What did God say about how many times we are to forgive? Who is forgiveness really for? Jolanda, I hope that you get my drift. You can add penaltes and positives as you see fit to drive home the point about what God demands of us.

Thanks for listening. I hope it helps get the mental marbles rolling because it is a challange to keep some adults from conflict. You can get a sense how confusing this is to kids.