The Sounds of Easter


Holy week began with cheers and swishing palm branches, then tables crashing in the temple. Next the crack of broken alabaster, and the Lord’s supper—with clanging cups and splashing water, then soft snores of sleeping disciples. Soon comes the thump, thump of approaching soldiers, the smack of a kiss, the crow of a rooster, the jeering guards, the condemning crowd, the crack of a whip, the pounding of nails, the cries of a mother, the words “It is finished,” the tearing of the temple curtain, and a rumble like thunder as the ground split apart. . . .

Then silence, and sorrow.

Until the third day—CELEBRATION!

The gasp of recognition! The squeal of delight! The sound of running feet! Eager voices sharing good news. . . .

The holy week was a whirlwind of noise, energy, and emotion! As the week arrives, help your kids wonder about the sights and sounds of this story, the central story in Scripture—the story of God’s AMAZING power and love! More than any other time of year Easter gives us a reason to shout and sing for joy! Jesus is ALIVE! Death has been defeated! God welcomes us in love!

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