What's Your 'Three-Word Prayer' for the Same-sex Marriage Discussion?


It’s no surprise that one of the most talked-about reports coming to Synod 2016 is from the Committee to Provide Pastoral Guidance re Same-sex Marriage. To read the report found in the Agenda for Synod 2016, click here.

As Banner articles dove into the specifics of the report, readers were quick to respond and begin debating some of the finer points. As the comments came pouring in, some readers expressed caution to share their opinion. One reader in specific wrote: “It's with great hesitation that I respond in this debate.”

There is a collective sense that this topic may cause divisions in the church.

In light of this realization, we have prayed for unity. We have prayed for God’s guidance.

As delegates, committee members, and the church as a whole prepare to discuss this topic, let’s share our short and simple prayers.

Our prayers don’t need to be long and they don’t need to be complex. As much has been said, let us try now to say only a little.

What is your three-word prayer for this discussion at Synod 2016?

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Grace. Truth. Love.


Give us wisdom.

Community Builder

Spirit led discernment.

Community Builder

Give us empathy

Community Builder

Wisdom Discernment Humility

Humble, contrite, tremble.

"But this is the one to whom I will look:
    he who is humble and contrite in spirit
    and trembles at my word." (Isaiah 66:2)

Community Builder

That scripture may be Synods guide.

"Help us, Lord." 

"Hokmah yirat YHWH"

Psalm 119: 169, 165


Dear God, help us discern......

What really matters


Holy Spirit, come. 


Let us love.

"Thy will be done" (I know that is four)!  I hear these thoughtful words in this new song.


Unity.  Discernment. Humility.





Reliance on the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in our individual and collective lives.


Love our neighbor

Grace, love, respect

Community Builder

May grace abound.

God's will prevail!


Lord, We're Listening.


My prayer: that we pray with and for our LGBT+ youth, and baptized and professing members who know that we [the by-national CRC] again are talking about them.

Our Synod delegates and Denomination's talking next week also will rekindle the fears and protracted stress within the lives of hundreds of parents, siblings, and extended families, friendships, and congregation members who also, in many ways, for years have been driven underground because they wanted and needed to know more about what it is to be an LGBT+ sister/brother, and to give and receive an "as lived" Jesus embrace and affirmation from one another.

If we pray for 'unity'; then, the prayer must come from within an inclusive embrace of all who have been baptized, profess Jesus to be their Saviour, and are or would be members ofa Christian Reformed Church.


"Lord, Forgive Our Presumptions!"    (See committee report, Section V.,  Principles, V.E. admonishing us not to be presumptuous re "intimate sexual relations." and thereby assuming sinful behavior re CRC 1973 distinction between attraction and behavior.)