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Anyone have a well thought out job description for a Small Groups Coordinator?

So, we are way behind the eight ball in giving our small groups ministry some overdue attention. While we have had a pretty vibrant number of small groups meeting together for years to study a wide range of topics, it has been sort of running without any coordinated effort or inter-action across groups. This has worked well since each group enjoyed their little circles and overall were quite good at inviting any newcomers that might be interested. But lately after some unexpected losses from illness and moving, there are groups that are struggling to feel connected. We can't count on it that...
Small Groups
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What mentoring materials or activities do you use with youth and children at your church?

So, we're just beginning with the process of pairing adults and children into mentoring relationships as part of welcoming and guiding them to participate in the Lord's Supper as well as the full ministry life of the church, but we are sorely in need of more options or resources for mentors to draw upon. Currently, the "I Believe" mentoring book from Faith Alive is our only resource for junior high kids...Do you know of others? And what other activities or faith forming events would you recommend besides "going through the book?" Junior-highers are a first priority right now, but the same...
Faith Nurture