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This is a great time to think about training new leaders for Children & Worship. A trained leader is much more effective in nurturing the faith of little ones. Think outside the box for leaders. I've been leading children for over 20 years and I started in my early forties. Think of...

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This past Sunday I switched with another leader in our Four's Worship Center. I realized by doing so, I would have to do the baptism story which I had never done before. In my church, La Grave CRC, we use Jerome Berryman's baptism story instead of Sonja Stewart's. As I started to prepare, I...

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This Sunday the song involved twirling, stomping, jumping, clapping, leaning, and praying—all motions that the kids chose for the song...  

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Young Children & Worship Basic Training
If you are starting a new Children and Worship center or desire to train additional leaders, this is the workshop for you!

For:  Pastors, directors of Christian education, Children & Worship leaders, anyone who works with children

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In many churches some portion of the children’s ministry program happens during the worship service. If that’s your church, what do you do to help them engage in worship and offer their gifts in service?

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Last week I met with Liz Tolkamp, the children's pastor at Willoughby Christian Reformed Church. She's always looking for ways to help kids engage in the worship service and be part of the broader church community...

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