There is a fair amount of material on the web for streaming a worship service. Besides doing a podcast for those who want to listen anytime, we have set a goal for ourselves to be able to audio stream, and possibly video stream the service. I would appreciate some suggestions, guidelines, and/or...

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Has you church recently launched a website? If so link to it in this discussion. Then if you need any help with it, one of the many experts that visit this site could provide feedback or help.

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I recently registered for my first sprint triathlon, the Hawk Island Triathalon. While visiting their site I was surprised to see how they displayed images.  It is a colorful, informative, and photo-filled site however I would like to point out one no-no.

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“If it isn’t on Facebook, it hasn’t really happened,” a friend‘s daughter told me. Although it’s said jokingly, if something is that vital to people, doesn’t it make sense to look for ways that God can use it? Most of you probably have heard of Facebook, but a brief description may be helpful....

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Yesterday, Mozilla released an incremental upgrade to it's popular browser Firefox 3.6. Even though this is a small upgrade there are numerous changes, which they detail in their blog post.  First, it's over 20 percent faster than the previous upgrade. Second, it includes better support for plug ins with a plugin updater. Firefox 3.6 has...

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More and more churches have realized the benefits of sharing their sermons online. In the past, churches would share recordings of services by making copies of tapes and distributing them or loaning them out. This worked great, but now sharing them online is easier, more efficient, and more cost...

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Help shape the Church and Web network by providing topics. What topics would you like to see an article or blog post on? More social media, design or ...? 

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ChurchMag is a popular blog that will not only inform you, but it will make you laugh. It will inform you about using social media, design, SEO, and more.

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Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that enables you to look in depth at all your site traffic. You can look at basic information like page views, traffic sources, which pages are most frequently visited.

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Each individual owns his or her likeness or other identifiable characteristic. If the church uses the videos or images to promote the church or makes them available on the web, then the courts will likely find that the church used the images in a commercial manner.

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On this page you can sign-up and learn more about Google Apps for Non-Profits. Google Apps includes Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and more. Read the article on Google Apps on this Network for more information about how to set it up for your church.

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This last week Jimmy Wales spoke at Calvin College’s January series. Even though I was not able to make it the campus to see him speak, I did watch it live from the Ladies Literary Club in downtown Grand Rapids. Wales is the founder Wikipedia and...

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What is Google Apps and why would my church want to use it?

According to Google, Google Apps is a group of applications "that offers communication, collaboration and publishing tools, including email accounts on your organization's domain." The two biggest reasons your church would want...

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You'll find help in "Teaching, rebuking, correcting & training in righteous web design" through this blog. Visit here to find tips and hints on how to ratchet your website to the next level.

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While most information online becomes out-of-date quickly (especially information about technology and websites), this article from The Banner provides timeless tips to keep in mind while designing your website.

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Simplicity is complex. Designing and maintaining a website takes focus and a clear purpose. When designing a website it is easy for it to become complex and cluttered. While a website generally does not start this way, adding features without taking the time to consider the full design will...

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Church Juice's in-depth description and ideas for using Twitter in your church is a must-read if you are considering using Twitter in your church.

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In a world in which we have endless ways to communicate, people are disconnected from each other. The internet provides an opportunity to reconnect with other believers.

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As you can tell from the name of the site, Church Marketing Sucks is straightforward, and focused. They aren't just critical of the stagnant status of church websites, but offer incredible advice to transform your church website.

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Use this site to check if your website is standards compliant. The site is described as checking "the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.

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Church Communications Pro is a great blog to help you better market, and design your church website. It also has a lot of timely information about the latest trends and ideas for websites.

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It's Christmas time, which means its time for family, food, presents, lights, trees, and a chance to reflect on how one birth changed the world forever. However, it also means seeing Christmas Decorations in stores as early as August. It seems that there is no end to what you can buy that is Christmas themed.

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Does your church not currently have a website? Is it unmaintained or out-of-date? Any church website should at least have the following basic information.

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Church Juice is a service to help churches with their communication, online presence, and marketing. They provide useful information through blog posts, articles and free consulting for churches.

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Have you considered providing video of your services? What about live streaming video? New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, this last June, started streaming their services live to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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Our IT director alerted me a Google tool that will evaluate a web page and let you know what is likely to be seen, or not seen, by users.

Here's the main page:

Click on the blue text "About Browser Size" at the top of the page for more info.

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We're still in progress, but it's slowly coming together. we use slightly larger type because we have a number of active seniors on the web who don't necessarily know how to enlarge the font or web page in their browser.
Thoughts and ideas are always helpful.

we are using the CMS Joomla and will be switching all to K2 component style. right now it is laid out between standard Joomla and enhanced K2


As I remember, the Rochester NY site posts the order of worship publicly but the full bulletin only in the members area. That strikes a good balance,

WordPress and other blog/CMS tools also have podcast plugins. I was just looking into that for a friend's podcast, but haven't implemented.

On a related note...I've wondered whether we try to encourage all the CRC pastors/churches to post to a central repository like SermonCentral, SermonCloud, etc Not only does that provide a nice feature set, I think our pastors have something good to offer people who cruise those sites. I haven't researched them enough to be able to promote one vs. another. Has anyone done some head-to-head comparisons?

I've fallen in love with Posterous.com for easy posting; they say you can podcast with it; I haven't tried it but it sounds worth a try for churches: http://posterous.com/faq

Just got this hooked up into our site,
Logos refTag -- shows bible references in a little popup window when you do a mouse over. Great in your blog and anywhere else on your site where you reference scripture. http://www.logos.com/reftagger

Also YouVersion.com has some great badges to put on your site to connect people to the Bible online. You can also connect to it via smart phone as well. It has many different Bible versions to choose from.

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Very good advice. With free image editing software such as PhotoScape, you can resize multiple images very efficiently.

We are working on putting our bulletin on our website, but it will only be visible to registered members as well as anything else "in house" only. We also respect people's wishes to keep their names out of the bulletin or online.

I'd like to know the laws regarding all this stuff. I've heard so many conflicting things I just don't know what is kosher anymore.

It surprises me how often webpage designers/programmers do this. With super-fast internet connections and/or ridiculously high bandwidth, maybe they don't even notice. ...Though it comes in handy if you'd like a copy of the little picture and then discover after saving it that it's at a high quality resolution!

we simply put a note in our bulletin asking those who objected to having their names in the bulletin to let us know, those names are removed. we also tried to bury the pdf file for the bulletin and only keep it up for a couple of weeks. names still come up on searches, but since it only stays on for a couple weeks, the chances of a hit are pretty slim.

it is a difficult subject to discuss, and requests for privacy need to be honoured. different laws between Canada and the US also make it difficult. Canada actually has really strict laws about what information websites can post about people.

not perfect, but we found that very few people actually objected to having their names on the bulletin online, especially for a short period of time.

Interesting topic and a great one for an article.

Privacy / security is a complex problem especially when you consider all the generations in a church.

Thanks for the feedback!

Great suggestion. I added it to my roster of items to post.

There is a lot of wisdom in the article that is worth passing along!

Thanks for highlighting the importance of keeping the website up-to-date. My husband and I enjoy visiting a different church every time we drive out East to spend time with relatives. Last time we found that the summer worship schedule wasn't the one listed on the website for the church we hoped to attend. We arrived just in time for the benediction! Not a big deal for someone passing through, but it would be disheartening for a guest who was looking for a church home.

Dave, nice work so far.

Here's a suggestion: address privacy concerns. I'm thinking specifically of posting bulletins and announcements online. At one church I attended, they used to hide people's full names when items were posted online to protect privacy. We recently had a discussion about privacy at our church, and eventually concluded that since the bulletin is offered publicly in worship, it shouldn't be a problem to post it publicly online.

However, people are likely to disagree about this (especially people from different generations). Some won't care if announcement mentioning them makes its way into Google search results. Others might be angry that their privacy has been violated. Could advice for navigating these concerns be addressed in an article?

Dave, am wondering if you think this article has value, as found in the Alban Institute newsletter this morning: "Faithful finanaces: when to adapt new technology." Found at http://www.alban.org/conversation.aspx?id=8901,