Betty Wieland leads a Coffee Break group, writes and edits study materials, and served as the Coffee Break Director for many years. Read what she's learned about Coffee Break.

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A Learning Community is a great way for people to share best practices, news ideas and discoveries! Let's take a look at the benefits and the barriers of this type of community. 

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Leaders have been asking: "Will there be new Discover Your Bible studies ready for next fall?" The answer is: Yes! 

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Do you have a picture of your small group? If not, it's time to take one! We'd love to share a picture of the smiling faces in YOUR small group on the Coffee Break page.

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How do your groups use Discover Your Bible, Infuse or Discover Life Bible study series? That's what we would like to learn more about!

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A diverse group of women will gather at the Courtyard Marriott in Brandon, FL (near Tampa) April 1-3 for a time of learning and sharpening skills in order to help others discover the Bible. 

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The Coffee Break group in Platte, SD has been using the new printable version of Discover Your Bible in creative ways to meet special needs or the preferences of group members.  

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Silver Spring Coffee Break, in Maryland, recently introduced the Coffee Break Bible discovery method and materials to a Bible study group in a local apartment complex.

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We'll be posting a series of blogs on Coffee Break Ministry innovations. These groups have made small changes to the core practices to connect with more people. What are your innovative ideas?


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Coffee Break Bible discovery groups have impact reaching from Grand Rapids to Nepal. Learn about the leadership events taking place to develop local and global leaders. 

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God’s love is rippling into and out of the Coffee Break ministry. Look no further than the story of young mom who came to Elmhurst, IL, from Poland and found a relationship with God. 

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Does your Coffee Break group do a warm up before going into the study? If so, would you be willing to share ideas of video clips, songs, or speakers that you use?

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The new Coffee Break website has a "Find a Coffee Break" search tool. Check to see if YOUR Coffee Break is on the list. If you can't find it, add it today!

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 A brand new study in the Discover Your Bible series will be released mid-August, 2015! Based on Isaiah, the authors' hope is that this study "will provide comfort and hope to all who use it.”

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The all ages Coffee Break at First CRC in DeMotte, Indiana has a wonderful problem—their groups are too big! Group Leader, Jayne Bowers, shares some unique ideas that are part of their all ages program. 

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We wanted to provide leaders with great ideas for inviting people to Coffee Break and for creating a Coffee Break culture that was inviting. So, once again, we went to the experts...

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We wanted to provide leaders with great ideas for inviting people to Coffee Break and for creating a Coffee Break culture that was inviting. So we went to the experts...

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Are you involved in small group ministry? If so, The Leading Bible Discovery manual can help you facilitate better discussion by asking questions that help others apply God's Word to their lives!

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One member of a cluster expressed her experience this way; “Since we are a small church, and I am the only leader of Coffee Break at the moment, the cluster is like having a leader’s meeting..."

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To help attendees and leaders walk in the sandals of the people in the Bible stories, Director and Small Group Leader Julie Baker uses maps, photographs, and her experiences...

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Hi Michelle,

Yes, you should definately be posting these questions - that's the idea!  We want this to be a place to share ideas and resources.

I connected with a Coffee Break group today, who shared a "giving" idea for Christmas.  In a couple of weeks, they will draw names for Christmas for a secret gift, but the gift is meant to be a gift of self.  They are not encouraging purchased gifts, but rather a gift of your talent or time.  Some suggestions shared were to make a gift (cards, knitting, baking, etc.) or to give the gift of time - offer babysitting, take someone out for coffee, visit someone.  Women were challenged to give a gift that flows out of who you are, rather than feeling the need to purchase a gift.  On their special Christmas celebration, they will give these gifts, and share together over coffee and treats.

Another thought might be to involve your women in a service project, for half the morning; finish with your brunch and social time.  Serving others will grow your heart! 
You might consider some of these ideas:
     - have everyone bring some personal care items for the homeless, and put them together in packages for a shelter
     - everyone can bring items for a baby shower for a local women's shelter - package them up and deliver
     - everyone is asked to bring home baking --> prepare packages wrapped in cellophane and deliver to the neighbours around your church
      - ask a community agency what they might need - see how you might assit them
      - sing carols in a nursing home

I'd love to hear more ideas from others!


Hi Michelle,

I am the coordinator for our Coffee Break ministry in Langley, BC, Canada.  I find it hard every year to come up with an idea for our year end socials too.  We do a Christmas one and another one at the end of the year in the spring.  We have done crafts of some kind in the past, but we found that most crafts took too much time (or money!)  We realized after a while that most of the women simply enjoyed being together and having time to fellowship.  Each week they comment on how they wished they had more time for this.  We do want the time to be more than just that though, so usually we ask the women to consider sharing what they learned from their book study this year and we are always encouraged by that.  We read the Christmas story, share a shorter devotional and eat (who doesn't like that part?!)

God bless you in your ministry.  I admire the fact that you are the director and a small group leader.  I only do one of those at a time!

Coffee Shops seem to hosts for small groups in many towns and cities.  And just like on Canadian Air Farce they meet regularly, share opinions freely, some times share feelings, and do a lot of encouragement.  Community- building small groups happen every day where the aroma of fresh coffee wafts over small tables and chairs.  In some of the coffee shop groups I have seen, I sense that is the only community available for some of the folks - especially the seniors.

Recently, my wifeand I were out for an intimate cappucino at our local coffee shop and an old fellow at the next table started chatting with us.  We found that he was a survivor of the second world war, a writer, a retired professor... and very lonely since his wife passed away.  What a lovely 20 minutes we spent together.

This morning I met with several people at the same coffee shop where we prayed and discussed a new Christian venture for the community of Guelph.  We had a great time together.

Community and Coffee Shops...  Small groups should be a natural!

I hope to start a group at Starbucks this fall!

Leadership training events are planned as needed in various regions where there are Ministry Developers available. We are also in the process of making the training more available through webinars and on-line resources. Please contact the office directly for further information about training: 1-888-644-0814 (Irene) or email . In addition, you can also go to to find the contact info for your local Ministry Developer.

Thanks Freda, for sharing about your Coffee Break ~ it sounds like things are going very well. Thanks for the renewed call to prayer, to God's Word, to the practice of meeting together, and to being open to God's Mission! May we all be encouraged to follow God's leading as Coffee Break continues to embrace the greater mission of God!

HI Marian
It's great to see a forum for Coffee Break! Coffee Break in the town of Brighton is a community oriented bible study, where women at all stages in their faith, from seekers to strong women of faith, from women in their 20's to women in their 80's, from pentecostal, to United to CRC to unchurched, come to a safe and loving place to learn and share and grow in their walk with the Lord.
We don't 'do' anything really different, what we do 'do' is pray and study together first of all as leaders. We study a different book each year and this year we read through 'Lead like Jesus' a wonderful book teaching us how to be servant leaders like Christ. We pray together as leaders prior to every session and are open to the Lord's leading and we try to lead like Jesus and serve in love. That is the strength of Coffee Break, women leading women to grow in their relationship with Christ.
In todays world women don't think they need each other, they think they can do it alone. When we finally do get together and share in a loving atmosphere of acceptance through Christ then great things happen. That is why Coffee Break is important. There are very few places today where women can get together and feel accepted, can share their concerns and can grow in their relationship with other women and with the Lord. The Holy Spirit does amazing things when we give Him room to work.
In Brighton, we intentionally focus on studying a book of the bible through the Discovery Bible studies, and this year have worked through Exodus. Who would have thought Exodus would have brought out so much discussion and heart to heart conversations.! We had an awesome year of learning God's character and faithfulness through the study of Exodus.
We also take time to invite community agencies such as Hospice and Samaritan's Purse to come and tell us what they do and then invite the women interested to participate in their organizations. So rather than the community coming in, we try to encourage our women to be part of the community.
The success of the Brighton Coffee Break however, is not in what we 'do' but rather in what the Lord does. For in the end its not us who brings the women, who transforms the women, who saves lives. All we can do is be the hands and feet of Jesus and show his love and tell His message.The rest is up to Him.