I'd heard the word "mentor" before but it always had a certain amount of formality attached to it. After learning more, I realized the potential for our churches.  

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This story-sharing opportunity is guaranteed to be a memorable, meaningful experience, both for the elders whose stories need to be heard and the youth who hear them.

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With our music ministry we are finding that worship choirs are a great way to incorporate people of all ages into worship!

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Discussion Topic

Telling faith stories is a powerful way to share what God is doing in our community, our churches, and our homes. Has your church developed any unique storytelling traditions or practices that other churches could adapt? 

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Resource, Webinar Recording

This webinar explores ten specific practices that will serve both youth ministry and the intergenerational church in strengthening their faith formation work. 

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Looking for an easy way to enter into God’s story with a mixed age group that includes young children? Hear about innovative ways to use the newly revised God Loves Me books. 

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Each Halloween, Christians have a great opportunity to meet their neighbors and to let their lights shine (Matthew 5:16). Find 8 ways in which you can seek to redeem Halloween in your community!  

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I received one very memorable care package as a student at Dordt College. It was my first year living off campus and my mom thoughtfully sent a package. But first, customs got ahold of it...

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Years ago I was a delegate to a CRC Synod. It turned out that I was the youngest member there.

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Perhaps being a Church where this generation finds the belonging, understanding, equipping, and hope that we long for means that the Church needs to discover new ways to convey the power of the gospel message.

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Parenting is hard work and I know that some Sundays you’re just longing to sit in silence. And I suspect that there have been times when you’ve felt like your wee ones weren’t always welcome in worship. Please persist.

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One of the questions I hear from those considering gathering all ages together to learn from and with each other is "How do we get people to sit with people they may not know and connect with folks from different age groups?"

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The most basic foundation for building a relationship with teens and young adults is your love for each one as a special child of God.

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Although the description said it was a "Personal Bible," it didn't feel very personal to me. Missing from this Bible were notes about the family favorites—verses and stories passed down through generations—which had warmed our hearts and fed our souls.

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Can music become an idol?

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Students in your congregation may have recently returned to school or starting soon. Some will be anxious, some will be eager. All could use your support, encouragement and blessing.

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My church is considering expanding our youth service learning trip to include adults and families. How should/would we fundraise differently for an intergen trip than a youth trip?

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A great article about an unlikely friendship between an older gentleman and a teenager. How can we multiply stories like these in our congregations?

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Second Reformed Church of Zeeland, MI had some wonderful craftsmen in their church build the pieces of the tabernacle to use with the WE: Enter The Tabernacle series of intergenerational events (from Faith Alive). They would like to share these resources with any other churches in the area who...
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This webinar was recorded on: Wed, 09/18/2013 This webinar will build on intergenerational biblical foundations and provide a wide variety of ideas and resources for strengthening the interaction between the generations in our congregations.

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Syd Hielema, chaplain and professor of youth ministry at Redeemer University College, will provide a wide variety of ideas and resources for strengthening the interaction between the generations in our congregations. Join us at...

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If your church is exploring models for learning and growing in faith together, the Lifelong Faith website is a great place to begin. You'll find ideas, research, and theories experts who are studying faith formation and educators who are leading ministries in a wide variety of denominations.

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A researcher argues that the future of youth ministry will require bringing the generations together. This interview with Kara Powell is from Leadership Journal Summer 2009.

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