Have you ever had to discontinue or end a ministry? What are the signs that it's time? How do you explain to the congregation that something is ending? What if you have a passionate volunteer, but it just doesn't make sense to continue to put other resources behind it (finances, staff time, etc...

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I got a suggestion to look into the LifeServe National Conference, and I'm wondering if anyone has heard about or attended the conference and/or the accompanying Equipping Institute (held concurrently with the conference.)

The promotional information says that this conference is for...

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A couple of the tasks in my job description are, "Develop and implement a process for identifying and developing members gifts, talents, and passions for ministry" and "Assist with finding gifted members to join in the ministries." My guess is that other Ministry Coordinators probably have...

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I attended a great seminar in my area last week for ministry leaders, and the focus was on renewal, with a lot of discussion about the importance of a Sabbath day of rest. For many in attendance, they have ministry responsibilities on Sundays and so several people offered their own practices as...

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Today I'm having one of those days where I can't keep up with all the email arriving in my inbox. I KNOW others can relate, right? In a job that seems like there is always more to do than can reasonably be done, it can be challenging to figure out what to do first... or what to do at all.


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Hi everyone! Perhaps this is a bit of a cliché topic for January, but I find I inevitably think of setting goals and dreaming up new ideas this time of year. I'm still feeling very new as a Ministry Coordinator (starting in Sept 2010) so to me, even the things some of you might consider routine...

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Hey, I'm an MC (Ministry Coordinator) and I'm wondering if there is anybody else out there who is the same? Might be nice to connect. 

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