I’m thrilled to welcome Staci DeVries as The Network’s new Community Manager. In this half-time position, Staci is here for YOU - the members of this Network community. Here’s a brief interview with Staci so you can get to know her and her role better.

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Because of a worldwide Drupal security advisory, we recently cleared all user passwords. There is no indication our site was affected, but we took this step out of an abundance of caution. Here's how to reset your password.

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Now can 'subscribe' to anyone who posts on The Network.

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Now when you visit a section, you'll see photos of the five people who most recently added a comment or a new post.

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Join a Network section

Join the topics that interest you. It's a great way to build community and get email alerts of new posts in that section.

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This week we’re glad to welcome Jolanda Howe to a new role with The Network.

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In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching a major upgrade to the Network site (to coincide with our 4th anniversary). After keeping it under wraps, I’m really excited to finally be able to tell you about it.

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We’re excited to announce two new open forums for churches. ‘Church Jobs’ is where you can post an opening for a pastor or other staff position in your church. ‘Church Exchange’ can be used to trade, give away, or sell things your church is no longer using.

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We’re having fun with these recent giveaways. Better yet, they’re giving that extra little boost for people to add comments, ask questions and connect with others about ministry. So here’s another mug giveaway...

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We’ve randomly selected  three winners from all those who commented in March. They made it look easy - and it is!

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What a great response to the “Just Say Hi” challenge. Well over a hundred people joined the quest to get that snazzy Network mug and $25 Amazon gift card. We don’t want the fun to stop, so today we’re launching a new challenge!

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Today is the day to move from a reader of this website, into a participant! Because you could win a most coveted prize (or whatever the Reformed way of saying that would be): your very own, shiny-new Network mug. Plus a $25 Amazon gift card to go with it.

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Our "Ministry Q&A" tool has grown to over 1,000 posts covering about 270 different ministry questions. That’s a lot of ministry knowledge being shared.

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I don’t know about you, but I get tired of creating new accounts on various websites - often with different password criteria for each. So as far as CRC-related websites go, we’re trying to make things a little easier.

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In January we launched another way to connect with others about ministry - live webinars! It's off to a great start. But there's one's really tough deciding what topics to include. So today we're eliminating the guesswork and letting YOU help us decide.

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We've introduced new comment guidelines for The Network. The best thing about our comment guidelines is how seldom we’ve had to enforce them. Members of The Network community tend to be a helpful bunch who come here to equip and encourage each other for ministry, not to pick a fight.

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We started this Network website so we could all learn and connect with each other about ministry. Now, we're adding live events! Starting next week, "Webinar Wednesdays" offer a new way to connect in real-time.

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When cruising around The Network, have you ever thought: "They should really blog about...."Well now you can use this handy-dandy form to suggest a blog topic for one of our Network sections. We'll make sure it gets to the right guide for their full consideration.

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When cruising around The Network, have you ever thought: "They should really blog about...."

Well now you can use this handy-dandy form to suggest a blog topic for one of our Network sections. We'll make sure it gets to the right guide for their full consideration.

But there's more...

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Discussion Topic

Would you (or someone you know) make a great Network guide?

Please let us know!

Our guides are volunteers who serve for only about a year. So we're always on the lookout for good people who might be willing to share their expertise and enthusiasm for ministry. For more about the...

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Would you (or someone you know) make a great Network guide?Please let us know!

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At church this morning, two people separately came up to me and said how much they love The Network. I never get tired of hearing that :-)

But then I asked the question I always ask: "Have you added any comments or questions?"

In both cases, they hadn't. They love reading the...

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It's the 4th Monday of January. What does that mean? It's "Community Manager Appreciation Day", of course!

All right, this isn't one of the more well known days. Your calendar may not won't list it. And your local store may not won't carry cards for it. In fact, you might be wondering......

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It's the 4th Monday of January. What does that mean? It's "Community Manager Appreciation Day", of course!

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If terminology is important and needs to reflect Christian ministry values, then may I suggest we drop the term "Human Resources?" That used to be called "Personel" or something like it.  Humans may never be regarded as resources.  How did the CRC get into that kind of secular terminology. Every time I see that term, I get upset.  Please, someone, do away with it and either go back to the previous term or be creative and think of something new that reflects our understanding of human beings and of workers.

Hi Harry, 

Thanks for the comment. I believe the article you are referring to is CRC Launches Search for New Mission Agency Director and the feedback can be sent to However, I think you have a great idea to instead have conversation take place on The Network! 

Thanks for sharing this post on the search. I left a comment asking if there are any specific questions or thoughts you wanted to share related to the search for a director for the New Missions Agency. A specific question may spark conversation or discussion on this search. 

Thanks again!

I could not provide feed back on the following article because computer gave some message that it could not be done here is the top paragraph of the article:

""""""""""""October 26, 2016

The Christian Reformed Church in North America has launched a search for a person to serve as the director for the new agency being formed by the unification of Christian Reformed Home Missions and Christian Reformed World Missions.

In opening the search for the director, the CRCNA’s Board of Trustees (BOT) in late September approved a job description and asked that an announcement be posted about the position. In addition, a website detailing qualifications for the job is available at""""""""""""""""""

When clicked on the line below, which was the last line in the article, it would not allow feedback... something was incompatible?

Send us your feedback on this story.


What I was trying to find in the Network subject matter is a section where we could discuss the major reorganization that is happening in HM and WM and also the whole structure of the CRCNA.

Hi Larry! We will gladly take any posts (including self-published). Thanks! 

To qualify for consideration does one have to be published in the traditional sense or does self publishing with such a company as "Inspiring Voices" count?  If so, I have one such book called This Poison Called Depression.  It is available on Amazon.

refinishing wood floors

Thank you, Kim! I've attended several webinars, and you were always gracious--even in the midst of technical issues, you gave us the assurance that it would all be handled, and it always was! God bless you in your new adventure!

Thanks for being a mover and shaker in getting The Network going and for enabling webinairs.  A special thanks for your help in doing mine!  You will be missed!  All the best in your next adventure. 

Bye Kim! We'll miss you very much!

Thank you Kim for all you have done for us and blessings on your new adventure.

I agree with you Pete... to a degree. As someone who reads a good deal on the Network, but posts only occasionally, there were a long list of "HI" comments to get through. That said, if it helps peak the interest of more people in what is available on  the Network, I think it is OK. Think of those opening lines (illustrations) we use in sermons to bring attention to what follows... :) I do look forward to your deeper reflections though!



Three Muskateers becomes Three Must Go Fears        

Wow! You really can see the last pew from up here! No wonder Pastor caught us making faces at him!

Thanks, Angela. It's so great to read comments like this. And it's people like you that help make this online community what it is. Keep reading, commenting, and helping us spread the word!

I enjoy receiving the Network every week. Each time there is something that is of encouragement or causes me to grow in my ministry. I often share a link with our ministry staff as I'm not sure they are on the Network. I would like to see greater participation and people understanding the goal and the benefits of being part of the Network. I would encourage the BOT to continue supporting this valuable resource and to help it continue to grow.

And you inspire us, staci!  

Thanks, Denise, for sharing resources and encouragement on the site in 2015. Looking forward to exciting things up ahead in 2016! 

Thanks, Jeanne. Looking forward to another great year!

Staci, thank you for your reflective thoughts.  Your support and encouragement are much appreciated!

Beautifully said, Staci!  Keep up the great work - you are appreciated!

Helpful - thanks!

Thanks to everyone for the kudos! Special thanks to Jonathan Wilson for his excellent mentoring of me during his tenure with CRC Communications.


Elizabeth Schultz

Well deserved, Mark!

Congrats Mark. Well deserved.

Congratulations Mark! Well deserved.

Congratulations Mark for your contributions and recognition for this much needed work!  Blessings as you continue to serve the kingdom!

So great to hear, congratulations Mark!!  God's peace and guidance be with you as you humbly obey God's call for your life and encourage all of us to love and include ALL God's children.  


Congratulations and keep up the great work. You are a strong and clear voice for many who would otherwise not be heard.

Thanks for joining in! We agree it'd be fun to do again (we loved reading your entries!)

Stan (and everyone else) - Staci justed posted an announcement of the contest winners. Thanks for participating!

Where would we find the announcement on the winning caption?

YES!    do it again! dk

Thank YOU!

Great question! The site doesn't allow people to add a "Thumbs Up" to their own comments so that is why it is not visible. Thanks for asking! 

If you are logged in to your account, then you will not see the thumbs up next to your name (I guess you can't vote for yourself) If you log should see the thumb (at least that is how it works for me). I'm logged in and I can see the thumbs up next to your name (but not mine)

Staci.....there is no "thumbs up" icon by my Caption.       Is it under "review?"

You were right, I owe you both an ice cream cone....40% of them are searching for the text from Hezekiah. 

C'mon! What does it take to get an Amen around here?!

Stop it, you're killing me! You're saying that there's baseball in the Bible? Yes, in Genesis 1 verse 1 it says "In the big inning..."

Due to the absence of adult volunteers, WE are going to run the VBS program this year!

Shadrach, Mechach, and To-bed-we-go!

Hell, Fire and Brimstone

"Hey dudes, we got this pulpit, and that means we got control of this church!"

We're not afraid of the slippery slope! 

Testing 1, 2, 3 Hi Mom!

Three Preachsketeers.


Co-chairing the congregational meeting: "Did you really say that!?"




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