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Hi! I always enjoy getting a new mug!

Hello from Brooks CRC

A free mug? Very clever! Stan
PS: Hi!

[quote=groenmom]...I think I did this correctly...[/quote]
You sure did. Welcome aboard!

Another little "My Church" (upper left on any page) to specify your church and then see who else from your congregation is using this Network site.

Hi, I think I did this correctly and you can never have too many mugs (at least I don't think so).

Hi .... like what you are doing.... enjoy the day


I already have a Network mug (and it's become my mug of choice at home), but I still wanted to "feel awesome." It's been a while.

Hello! Looking forward to the discussions on here

Heyyo. Looking forward to the resource, but really wanting that mug!

Saying hello... enjoying reading the blogs and posts on The Network

This looks like a great resource.
I'll be looking in here later.

Is this a beginning of a new trend?

Sweet prize! Wow, winning without gambling, what could be more CRC than that!

Hello ~

I love the variety of topics, resources and oportunities to connect on 'The Network'..
There's really no excuse to not be 'connected'! thanks for all the hard work and
visioning to make this happen!

Hey Tim....

It doesn't seem like those Top 10 lists are very there a glitch in there somewhere?

Maybe I haven't found this yet, but is there an invite I can post to facebook for my friends to see? I noticed the link to post a thread, for example this one, to Facebook, but I'd like to see a place where I can leverage my connection with facebook to specifically invite my other facebook friends to join network. It would be great if there was an obvious link to do this right from the home page of network.

Update - I did this by pasting the link to the main network home page into my facebook account, but a button on the home page would be great. Thanks!

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You wrote:

The category that you label as Native Americans does not compute here.

Actually, the network is called "Native American - First Nations Churches" which was an attempt to acknowledge exactly the point you made :-)

To your broader point, as someone who has spent plenty of time on both sides of the border I agree that there are distinct differences. But there are also distinct differences between churches by region, size of church, urban/rural/suburban, ministry passion, etc. 

I'm sure these differences will play out in conversations across all the networks. At times it will be a challenge, no doubt, but it's also an opportunity to learn from each other. I think that's one of the great things about making this a CRCNA-wide conversation instead of separate US and CDN conversations.

A quick update...this week we launched the "My Church" feature that allows you to see who else in your church is using The Network. And we've added a page about how to spread the word to others in your church.

More ideas?

I could certainly see a connection with the Calvin Institute of Worship's website and some of their resources, blogs and such.

How did we miss that one? Thanks, Elisabeth. It's added. Now you can be the first one to post to it :-)

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Great question. At this point, I can't see rolling the two sites together because the overlap is fairly small. But I do think the Network site provides a new, more social way to discover and access resources that are housed elsewhere on

Having said that, there may be certain situations where the Network eliminates the need for a more traditional 'site'. For example, there's a Faith Formation website that was set up a couple of years ago and, now, a discussion network. The two complement each other nicely, but the next time a situation like that arises it could be that a guided network would be a nice all-in-one solution.

Other thoughts about the connection between the Network and other CRCNA sites?

Great suggestion, Chad. We did some checking on this and it should be very possible. We'll add it to the roadmap. Hopefully we can get it done in the next few weeks, depending on what we run into. Thanks! Keep the feedback coming.

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