What a great response to the “Just Say Hi” challenge. Well over a hundred people joined the quest to get that snazzy Network mug and $25 Amazon gift card. We don’t want the fun to stop, so today we’re launching a new challenge!

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Today is the day to move from a reader of this website, into a participant! Because you could win a most coveted prize (or whatever the Reformed way of saying that would be): your very own, shiny-new Network mug. Plus a $25 Amazon gift card to go with it.

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I am currently working with Haveman Brothers located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We are a Christian based company that offers tree planting positions for the months of May and June. It is a great summer employment opportunity for university students as there is potential to make great...

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Our "Ministry Q&A" tool has grown to over 1,000 posts covering about 270 different ministry questions. That’s a lot of ministry knowledge being shared.

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My favorite part of beginning each new year is the year-end “top ten” and “best of" lists that are compiled on every topic imaginable. (You knew I wouldn’t say resolutions, right?) I’m not one to buy in to the fact that just because millions of other people liked something that I’ll like it too, but I’m interested in seeing what other people deem worthwhile, educational, entertaining, etc. I was curious to see which of our 2012 webinars would be included in such a list...

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I don’t know about you, but I get tired of creating new accounts on various websites - often with different password criteria for each. So as far as CRC-related websites go, we’re trying to make things a little easier.

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Recently The Network added a “You May Also Like” (YMAL) feature to Network blog posts. For over the past two years The Network has provided weekly blogs posts and resources to help those serving in ministry at their church. This is our way of helping Network users discover the over 1500 blog posts that have appeared on The Network. 

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Whether you’re a deacon, small group leader, webmaster, nursery coordinator, or volunteer for any other ministry in your church, The Network is a place to learn, share, and connect with others who do what you do. Here are two key ways to plug into The Network...

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The second anniversary festivities are nearly complete. Thanks to all of the blog writers and those of you who’ve worked to become Community Builders. We’ve done our reviews, names have been drawn and we’ve got winners to announce...

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In January we launched another way to connect with others about ministry - live webinars! It's off to a great start. But there's one's really tough deciding what topics to include. So today we're eliminating the guesswork and letting YOU help us decide.

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Discussion Topic

Just noticed on the BOT report about the changes to the network, that it will no longer be run as a seperate does this affect how things will be run, posted, etc...I have enjoyed it and want it to continue.  I appreciate all the work the various forum leaders and website...

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We've introduced new comment guidelines for The Network. The best thing about our comment guidelines is how seldom we’ve had to enforce them. Members of The Network community tend to be a helpful bunch who come here to equip and encourage each other for ministry, not to pick a fight.

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There's a way volunteer and staff ministry leaders can connect with each other to compare notes, encourage each other, and talk about the nuts and bolts of various church ministries. In this webinar we'll take a tour of the site and look at examples of the connections being made. 

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The Network launched on February 8, 2010. Since then, it has grown to become one of the CRC's most-visited, most-read, and most-interacted-with sites.To celebrate our second anniversary, we’re announcing two fun contests (with prizes!):

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Are you a church member who is willing to share your experience and enthusiasm for ministry? If so, we should talk. The Network is recruiting new guides. We're always on the lookout for good people who are willing to share some of what they've learned and experienced. Interested?

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We started this Network website so we could all learn and connect with each other about ministry. Now, we're adding live events! Starting next week, "Webinar Wednesdays" offer a new way to connect in real-time.

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It's the giving season. You’ll be buying presents for folks you love, perhaps giving a tip to your newspaper carrier or even baking cookies to spread some good will (and the calories) around. How about giving some Christmas “cheer” (translate that as “encouragement”) to your favorite 

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Have you ever thought: “I wonder how other churches do this”? Wouldn't it be great to ask others how they handled a particular ministry situation? Today, we're annnouncing a new feature of The Network called "Ministry Q&A". Just post your ministry question to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of CRC members across the US and Canada.

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In case you hadn't noticed The Network has a slightly different look.  We changed the look and navigation at the top of the site plus we made a few font changes.  Do you like it?  Leave us some feedback.

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Since The Network launched 603 days ago new networks have been launched, new features have been added, new guides have been introduced, and new design changes have been made. So we've created this News & Support blog as a place to let you, The Network community, know about the latest news, features, and highlights on The Network.  

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Today I retire.So I’d like to say a thing or two about this venture, The Network, and give you an opportunity to weigh in on its future. We launched The Network on February, 2010, not knowing exactly what to expect. We’ve watched it grow during each one of these last 18 months. 

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What would you like to share about creating Safe Churches? What topic or issue is on your heart? What practical tip have you discovered that might help others? What book, video or training would you suggest to every leader? What have you experienced that has caused you to think about this ministry in a new way? Now’s your chance to share!

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When cruising around The Network, have you ever thought: "They should really blog about...."Well now you can use this handy-dandy form to suggest a blog topic for one of our Network sections. We'll make sure it gets to the right guide for their full consideration.

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In school if you had a question you would raise your hand to get an answer. But what if you have a question about serving in ministry at your church? What would you do? Where would you go?

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Discussion Topic

When cruising around The Network, have you ever thought: "They should really blog about...."

Well now you can use this handy-dandy form to suggest a blog topic for one of our Network sections. We'll make sure it gets to the right guide for their full consideration.

But there's more...

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Actually, Peter, that's something we've wondered about as well - giving each church their own "private" discussion area on The Network for their members. We just weren't sure how many churches would want that. It's very do-able, although it would require validation by the church office of who is/isn't a member of the church (currently, users self-report what church they belong to - but if it's private it needs to be stronger than self-reporting). make it easier and almost (?) as good, we could set up a public discussion area for each church. That eliminates all the security/validation workflow and still gives each church their 'own' area, but would require people to use good judgment about what and how they post. I suppose large churches already have this need, since any 'private' discussion area is really 'semi-public' when the church is so large. Giving each church a separate, public area would be pretty easy to do.

Anyway, you've got the wheels turning here. And I'd be very curious to see if any other churches would like this. To assess interest, you might want to post this idea as a separate discussion topic (e.g. in the Church and Web area) to give the idea more visibility and get more people to weigh in on it.

Thanks for your interest in The Network, for spreading the word, and helping make it better!

I think this new Network is fabulous.  It always had great resources and input and now it is easier to manage and customize to your interests. 

In our church we have a website and a link to the Network.  The website does give information to the community about us and links to audio sermons, etc.  However, it was decided that we need a place for those who would like to join a community on line so there is a link on our website for that as well.  At the moment we have started doing this through a website called "the city" which allows a group (our church) to set up a "campus" in which we can set up groups, discussions, a calendar, do prayer requests, etc.  Although this is good, in my opinion, it would be much better if this could be an extension of the Network.  That way we could seamlessly be part of community within the network for such things as service or other groups locally, share prayer and other needs locally and at the same time be part of the big network and all the resources and opportunities that there are in the wider community of the CRCNA.

Anyone interested in more information about what I am talking about can get more information by going to our website at

Harry, The webcast on Synod is live right now on the main CRCNA website at

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Has the web cam on Synod disappeared?  I thought it was such a good idea. If that was not not part of the improvement I am disappointed.

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Thanks, it works great!


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I enjoy following the subjects on the blog. I love my CRC and want to keep up.

We've put in a place a new, site-wide comment stream. You can find it at (and there's a link in the bottom right corner of the 'Browse Topics' box on the home page). Enjoy! And thanks again for your feedback to improve the site for everyone.

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I've really been enjoying the CRC Network.  Keep up the great work!  As an office administrator I have my fingers in many church 'pies'.  It is great to see how others are dealing with various issues that develop or how other churches manage, encourage and sustain the different ministries and function groups.

so clean, so inviting and yes, simply can spend hours reading, learning, browsing and reflecting on who we are as a community and larger church! thank you for the use of giftedness and calling us to a stronger purpose and learning. May God be praised in it all.


Beautiful new website! Clean and functional. Nicely done.

It seems the new design is much more intuitive and user friendly. Along with many of the others, I also appreciate the clean and "minimalist' design. 

I agree with others you described the difficulty of sorting through the noise to find the signal. So much great stuff available that it challenges my discernment and I tend to default to using my confirmation bias as a guide. I have thought about this in other arenas where the same problem exists and the best that I seem to be able to do is rely on a few trusted curators to guide and challenge me.

Comment activity has been steady. But that's a second vote for a site-wide comment feed, so we'll see what we can do about that. Shouldn't be too hard. Thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned...

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I find that in the new setup I tend to stay in my "silo", whether that be church order, pastors, or whatever.  The older top ten setup encouraged me to investigate what areas across the board were generating discussion and interest.  Now those discussions are hidden, unless one goes through each catagory individually.  Have you found a drop or an increase in posting has happened since the new rollout?

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It's a real shame that the CRC has to resort to 'FREE STUFF' in order to attract people. If we are true to the Word then we should know that our God, Yahweh, supplies all our needs. We should not be going this route, we're barking up the wrong tree!! This is a lottery in the real sense of the word, and will not be blessed by the One we say we serve.

You've done a nice job updating the site.  Have I missed an easy way to see what is "trending" on it?


Ok then, just to say "hi"!  Will post something also...

Nice that members can post their own blogs! Thanks for all the efforts to be tech-forward. :-)

I enjoy getting to read and post on the "Tech" part of the site, and hopefully it helps other people that read what ive wrote.

Great update. I like the 5 minute time frame for corrections

Thanks to you and the team for working constantly to make this better and better.  I

Appreciate your work!!

Under Church Admin and finance? I would never think to look in there for it. It would be great if that could be a direct link from the front page where the list of topics is...that's my two cents worth.

I appreciate what you do and the opportunity to comment. Thanks for all your hard work.

Nice you are on board, Kim!

You have already been a great help to me.

You have a heart for this work.

We hope you will  stay around for many decades!



PS. The same holds for Tim !!!

Cindy- You'll find "Green Church" topics here

I enjoy the network and the new look.  I'm also one who browses occasionally, but usually find at least one thing of interest.

I like the new look. Larger font makes it easier to read. And I really hope that the navigation by topic and type will help people find their interest more easily. Kudos to the Network team. 

Where's the link to creation care/environment?

I hope to utilize this site much more now that I took the time to register for the weekly email about new postings. Thanks for making it so easy.

I like the clear navigation of the new site. There is so much information (good!), so the ability to sift and sort effectively makes it much easier to find what I need.

The new look is much more usable.

The new design is great; looking forward to using the Network more. 

Hi Ellen, Just in case you missed them, here's a link to 3 webinar recordings about worship and visuals.

I like that anyone can create a new post--seems like that will allow for some cool opportunities. 

It's been feast or famine with my Network participation.  It always seems like there is more interest than time to keep up to date.


Keep up the good work!

I'll be watching for info and ideas on visuals for worship and for sharing visuals. Thanks for the update!


I like the new look of the Network.  It is crisp, clear and inviting to read

Thank you Denise! I'm grateful for this opportunity to engage with the Network in a whole new way. 

I love the clean simple look.  It makes it easy to read and find the topics you are looking for .  Good work!


Hi. I like the new layout and read the different topics.

Thanks, Michelle. Great food for thought here...we'll be discussing it as a team.

Really like the new look. Also like being able to look things up.

Love the clean new look of the site.  

I really like how you can subscribe (once again) to individual topics, because the overall summary email was just too overwhelming. Thanks for brining that back.

The search features are also quite helpful.

Noah Kruis

I love how user-friendly your new site is. It's very interactive for the reader and within a couple clicks, I can get to the topic or information that I'm looking for. I just became a member and I'm thrilled at how much information there is available. I had no idea. 

My complaint would be about the imagery. There is a lot of potential for appropriate and dynamic images in the posts. The thumbnail images are quite small and I've noticed that if the images are too busy or dull, then I may pass over the article even if the title is active. 

Perhaps you could also arrange the front page to highlight your best articles front and center with the list of topic just below instead of dividing up the space? 

Overall, it's a wonderful new layout. Congrats! 

I appreciate the larger font and cleaner look.  Yes, it takes time to see everything each week (and I do see everything), but it's worth it.  Thankyou for giving us this forum to share/learn with/from each.

My favourite (and least favourite!) part about the new Network is how easy it is to lose several hours just moving from one post to another of really relevant ministry stuff...almost no matter who you are. This stuff affects and effects us all! Thanks for all the hard work.


Congrats and welcome!  Thank you for everything you do to advance God's kingdom.  I know you will do well! .  May the Lord richly bless you!

Thanks, John. Latest posts are found on the home page and each section page. Latest comments are found on each section page (see 'Comments' link above the listing). We may look at adding more of those types of listings when the launch has settled down. Regarding comment formatting, we have scaled that back in an effort to keep things looking as clean and uncluttered as possible (too much formatting can get distracting). But we'll see how it goes, and may consider adding some very simple formatting back.

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Yes, at least on a per-section basis. When on one of the main sections, look for the 'comments' link at the top of the list. 

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I was also wondering if there is a way to see recent comments? (like in the previous Top 10 tab)

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