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We are currently searching for a new Music Director at my church. Someone who is able to not only lead the choirs but can also train voices. However I would love if the candidates were at the least familiar with CRC beliefs and principles. The difficulty that I'm encountering is a lot of music...
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Maybe VBS could be added to the discussion networks?
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I just discovered I have my own wall! (I'm guessing it's been there ever since I signed up here!) Maybe I've been too conditioned by Facebook's near-constant notifications, but perhaps there can be a personal notifications bar or something added to the Network, so when I sign in, I can immediately...
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Since launching the Network two weeks ago, we've had a ton of visits and more than 500 people register to add comments, etc. Thanks to all you early adopters!

A back-cover Banner ad hits mailboxes this week, bulletin announcements have been sent to all churches, and other promotion is...

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Just wondering... Is the plan to one day integrate all of what we currently find at www.crcna.org into www.crcna.org/Network? That would seem to me to be an effective way to avoid duplication. It would also quickly connect visitors to crcna.org both to the info they're looking for as well as with...
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I would love it if there would be a way to be notified of responses to threads, whether that be a feed on the threads I could subscribe to within the network, or some other kind of notification. That would save having to go back to find my actual comment and manually check to see if there have been...
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Hi Ellen, Thanks for joining in! Check out the discussion here - I think it's exactly what you're looking for. Or if you have more specific questions, feel free to post a new question/discussion in that same forum and I'm sure some others will chime in to assist. Network members are a helpful bunch!

Good Morning.  I would love to see a discussion reviewing church software.  I am specifically looking for a new system to track monetary contributions and membership statistics (name, address, photo, births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, etc.).  Thanks!




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I thought Mark Driscoll was in the running for "Most Venal Pastor of the Year.


"Pastor Mark Driscoll Might Give You an iPad if You Praise His Book on Amazonposted by UNPAID INTERN on MON, JAN 21, 2013 at 5:33 PM"

CRC must be trying for "Cheapest Venal Denomination." <G>


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Hi Karen - Glad you've joined The Network. We have a discussion forum on Church Libraries and it could use some more activity. Hope you can help start some conversation there.