Resource, Workshop or Training, Facilitated by Others

The CRCNA is pleased to offer webinars as a way of learning, sharing, and growing together. It's easy to particpate - all you need is a computer (with speakers or headset). These free, one-hour events are offered several times each year in the spring and fall.

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Our sincere appreciation goes out to all who serve in the churches in North America and around the world. You’re the reason that The Network was created!

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Now can 'subscribe' to anyone who posts on The Network.

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Now when you visit a section, you'll see photos of the five people who most recently added a comment or a new post.

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Resource, Article

It’s been great to see all the new blogs, articles and resources getting added on the Network each day. Some of you may be holding back because you’ve got questions like:
"How can I tell if what I wrote is a Discussion Topic or a Blog?"

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Because we know it can be intimidating to try new things (even more so if the results will be published on the Internet) we created two short tutorials that demonstrate the simple steps of starting a new post.

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Resource, Tutorial

Here are two short videos to orient you to the Network content form. We hope they’ll help you post your Blog, Discussion Topic, Resource and/or ministry Q&A.

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Join a Network section

Join the topics that interest you. It's a great way to build community and get email alerts of new posts in that section.

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Thanks to all who provided feedback in response to “Your Feedback = Chance to Win.” Here are the prize winners from the feedback drawing...

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We’ve built our online community on the idea that sometimes the best help comes from people who are doing similar work and struggling with the same questions. As we share our experience and our resources, we help strengthen the church for ministry...

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This week we’re glad to welcome Jolanda Howe to a new role with The Network.

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In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching a major upgrade to the Network site (to coincide with our 4th anniversary). After keeping it under wraps, I’m really excited to finally be able to tell you about it.

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Last year we compiled a list of favorite webinars and decided to do it again this year with a slightly different twist using several measures such as attendance, likelihood to recommend to others, survey scores, etc. Here are the results...

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Top 2013 blog posts on The Network include one on how much we should give to support our church, the love/hate relationship many of us have with the church bulletin, and what roles do pastors, elders and deacons play.

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The Voice is a popular reality TV singing competition. The Network also is looking for its next voice. In fact we’re looking for our next three voices. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing, but we do want to hear what you have to say.

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Recently, we invited some of our guest bloggers and former guides to take on a new role on The Network. And today we’re excited to announce a new lineup of “Special Contributors.” They’re like columnists, without the column and without the big bucks. It’s our pleasure to be able to introduce them to you. You can click on their name links to see who’s who...

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We’re excited to announce two new open forums for churches. ‘Church Jobs’ is where you can post an opening for a pastor or other staff position in your church. ‘Church Exchange’ can be used to trade, give away, or sell things your church is no longer using.

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Odds are if you are reading this you have visited the Network before, read our blogs and may have even left a comment or two. So this post really isn’t for you but it might be for someone you may know. 

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Maybe your small group is meeting for the first time or you’ll be convening your first meeting as the new chair of the deacons. Perhaps your Sunday School volunteers need to talk about serving children with special needs or your church wants to create a Facebook page. Need some help with ideas or conversation starters? We’ve got these covered...

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Are you a pastor, church council member, or someone who is just interested in Church Order? Have you looked for practical ways to apply the articles of the Church Order to real-life situations? Well, The Network might have just what you’re looking for...

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We’re having fun with these recent giveaways. Better yet, they’re giving that extra little boost for people to add comments, ask questions and connect with others about ministry. So here’s another mug giveaway...

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And then there were 15. We are excited to announce a new network, our fifteenth (15th) network to be exact.  Quick, without looking how many networks can you name?

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We’ve randomly selected  three winners from all those who commented in March. They made it look easy - and it is!

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Babes in Christ.

No, we're not the three wise men. I'm Curly, he's Larry, and he's Moe.

1 John, 2 John, 3 John - oh no, we forgot Jude!

The future of the CRC is in good hands!

Our Future Pulpiteers!

How soon until these Millennials listen to us?!?  They are SO stuck in their ways.

Love, Joy, and Happiness in (the future of) the CRCNA -- only apparently left-of-center

The Pastor really does get his own glass of water.  It's just not fair!

Remember to stay for the potluck after worship today. We are excited to tell you that there will be no brocolli. 

I can't believe it! My parents are sitting in a different place this morning.

Does anyone have extra church candy?! We ate all of ours!

The first order of business for this congregational meeting is the after church cookie schedule! 

AT THE END OF THE SERVICE:  "Let's keep our heads bowed. If the Lord has spoken to you, just raise your hand!  No one is watching."

Followers today leaders tomorrow

The new trinity.

Happy birthday, NETWORK! 

Your articles/postings will often inspire, educate and bring people together who are working together in their church, neighborhood and the world. Thank you!

We're just going to wait a moment until the people in the 'grown up' benches are able to be quiet.

There are three points in this message.

There was some confusion regarding who would deliver the children's message last Sunday...

Mom.... Dad.....sit still, you're embarrassing me.

 I always thought pastors kept cool stuff back here like the Israelites had in the Ark.  All I see is a glass of warm water, kleenexes, and a bunch of old bulletins.

Pastors of the future for 3 churches?

Hey Dad!!!

Wow, Reggie!  You're a natural!

Followers Now Leaders Tomorrow

From Left to Right:

"I cannot believe it, all that work to hang on the pulpit and the sound tech didn't even get the pulpit microphone working"

"Maybe if we stare it him long enough he will get it working"

"Every time we have a sound problem I just want to cry"

And a child shall lead them!

The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.


Job's three friends?


The four-year old Sunday school boys decide to do stand-up comedy instead of singing, "Father Abraham" one more time.

God does have a sense of humor.

Oh no! Three junior pastors showed up to preach on the same Sunday. It's a cute-astrophe! 

As the vice-president, president, and clerk called Synod 2015 to order, the first act of business was to have mandatory recess every 30 minutes (with the addendum of they having firsties on the swings) and ice cream for dinner--every night. 

Never let them see you laugh.

Some preachers are just cooler than others.

Composure--it's a gift.

1 Timothy 4:12
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

Wow! The view from up here is great!

For those of you in the back pews ... could you wake up and pay attention!

When the church switched to a 3-person 'preaching team', they forgot to specify that the pastors should alternate weeks.

Really, a dog came to church with them today!

Great question! The badges show our thanks for your participation and let others know that you are active on the site! Thanks, Scott!

Can we see some images of what the badges look like and a list of the benefits conferred upon members with badges?

Excellent choice to bring Staci DeVries to the Communications team! I know she'll be an amazing asset to the Network.

Congrats, Staci, and I loved the insights you shared in this interview! Enjoy your new position!

posted in: Welcome, Staci.

Thank you, Nancy! Appreciate it very much. 


posted in: Welcome, Staci.

Congratulations, Staci, and many blessings on your new job!

posted in: Welcome, Staci.

Thanks, Robin! It has been great to work with you already!

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Welcome, Staci!

You are already doing a wonderful job and have been very helpful!  I will probably have a lot more questions for you, in the future.


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Thanks, Jonathan! Big shoes to fill but I'm so excited to be here. 


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Welcome Staci. May your journey be blessed.

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