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Church treasurer question:

Our church secretary’s primary responsibility is putting together church bulletins, which takes approximately 4 hours per week. The pay is $14.55/hour.

What is a good way to pay those who substitute when she is unavailable (a few weeks per year)?  Can we pay the secretary and have her pay the substitute? I prefer to avoid the paper-work required to make someone an “employee” for such a small amount of pay.

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As the administrative assistant at our church I would not want to be paid for my substitute's hours and then have to pay them. I am paying taxes on that and that is being counted as my income. Granted, I work 26 hours per week. Some of the people that cover for me volunteer their time (projection, church website) others get paid (bulletin). The person who fills in for the bulletin for me is also on staff so it gets added to her check. While it may be extra work, it would be the proper way to handle such a situation.

I think you would need to pay the substitute either as an employee, or contract and issue a 1099. If you pay your regular church secretary it will be reported as wages on her W-2 and she will pay taxes on the pay.