Aaron Mamuyac

About Me: 

I am a youth director in Florida and loving it! I was blessed with a small youth group to take cae of for 3 years and about 6 months ago I changed my philosophy on culture and christianity and I have seen God do amazing things in terms of our growth spiritually and numerically. Im just on this network now to see what else I can learn from others while presenting what i know to work in my context as well. 


making youtube videos

leading youth ministry

combining the two

  • I see these as all tools. I feel like if the apostle paul were alive now he would have an account on all of those lol. more seriously is not the railing against technology but the use of it. good...

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  • yeah i think its just a matter of structure and direction. everything used in the right capacity for the right reasons is good. social media was never meant to sustain friendships and never meant...

  • awesome!

    i think for those of use as youth workers a summer trip is almost expected. great thoughts!

  • awesome thoughts. i totally agree with them but i think its been my experience that people are trying to reach young people and not forgetting them. its almost a target demographic i feel that the...