Adam DeHoek

About Me: 

I moved to Chicago from Grand Rapids 10 years ago for graduate school.  During those years, I married my wonderful wife Rebecca, earned two degrees in Social Psychology, and have lived at three addresses.  I am an elder at Ebenezer CRC in Berwyn, an office about which I am still learning.


I have a love to learn about the world in which we live.  My wife and I both love to travel and eat a wide variety of  cuisines.

I love baseball.  Many will say that it is boring and slow-paced, but there is something I truly enjoy about the movement of the game.

I always love to hear the stories of missionaries in our congregation.  Their passion for the Lord and their experience of the world is enriching.

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How to do elder/deacon orientation and hand-off?

In June, our congregation will elect new elders and deacons. As deacons, we have recently begun talking about ways to effective transition the tasks of retiring deacons to those who remain and those who will be joining, and to orient the new deacons to the office and its responsibilities. Rather than trying to continue going it alone, we were hoping that some folks out here on the network would have some good ideas on how to do transition and orientation effectively.
  • Thank you for the devotional suggestion, Terry.  I will definitely look into it.


    As for the suggested calendar, my thought was that the curriculum being created could be completed...

  • You have posed an excellent question, Melissa, and I appreciate deeply that it is being addressed here, as it is something that we are currently working through in our diaconate.  From our...