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A sinner saved who is passionate about music.


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Why Does Theology Matter?

I recently got into a discussion that could probably be boiled down to "Why does the church's theology matter? Both churches [profess the creeds] so who cares what they believe past that." 

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Self-Promotion with Humility?

I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to promoting music that is written for the church body. Can anyone provide guidance on the balance between self-promotion and humility?

  • Hi Karisa,

    All that being said, I would reiterate that money is not necessarily the only consideration (although it can often feel like it). Sometimes money is paid for beauty because our...

  • Disclaimer: I am neither a sound engineer nor an organ specialist, but a musician who knows a bit about it all.

    If you don't have a pipe organ, I would wonder if the organ is "anything...

  • Our church had used easy worship, but is now using pro presenter. I think there was some talk of going back to easy worship, but I think that had more to do with some of the litanies already being...

  • Hi Diane, 

    I'm not an organ player so I don't know for sure, but I would think you might be able to glean some information from some of the instructional videos on YouTube for playing...

  • A question to prompt some thought on the matter. When did classical/melodic music start? What was the complexity of the music sung in the time of the old testament? Do we have reason to believe...

  • Interesting that Jeremy Zeyl is coming up here as we as a church have decided to introduce his song "I Am Not My Own" over the month of July as we have recently finished an adult study of the...

  • Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the response! I'm wondering though if you can expand on your first point at all - do you have "criteria" for determining this?

  • Thanks for the fast reply Joyce. I appreciate your expanding on the process for the hymnal and your outlining of some of the criteria you use for evaluating music.

  • One of the things that usually ends up frustrating me (and I'm not sure if I'm right to let it frustrate me) is when I know the music for a service could be done better with maybe half an hour...

  • What if it's not an either or proposition? What if we can work on making our liturgy flow more by making transitions more seamless (unless we want intentional silence)? What if we "boldly" decided...