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Albert Huizing, IV

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Hmmmm...What can I say? I'm an American living in Canada....a Camerican?

I grew up in northern NJ in the states in one of the biggest and oldest Reformed communities in the states. I've been working with youths since I and a few friends started a Christian Singles Ministry in 1986, where I met my wife. She radically changed the way I think and do Christianity (I call her "my muse" and she's a Brit/English Lit. educator). Her inspiration and energy over the past 25 years have spurred me on to be involved in a large church youth group setting  of 110 kids to a smaller group setting of 25 kids. My biggest advice is that the world keeps changing and so does the way we do Youth Ministry. One of my biggest blessings is that after all that time I still passionately love doing youth ministry (the statistics say only 20% make it past 3-5 years)....So I'm excited on this new journey God has led me into and am waiting for His mighty hand to do great and wonderful things



Musician (45 years)

Volleyball (Beach and Indoor - 25 years)

Christian Education

Coin Collecting


Sports (Basketball, FastPitch Softball, Volleyball - No Hockey.....Yet!)

Sipping A Nice Hot Brew Coffee....Java, Java, Java, Java...Yeah!

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Kinsman Redeemer...

Jesus is entirely and completely our Kinsman Redeemer. He not only paid the debt of sin, but went one step further and paid the bridal expenses, so that we could never lose our inheritance or run the risk of becoming destitute.

Biblical Justice
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Partnering With Parents

If you're a youth leader, I encourage you to prioritze partnerships with parents. Parents play a huge role in a child's development which directly correlates to FAITH development. 

Youth Ministry
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Meeting the Needs of Youth

Youth ministry becomes less initmidating when we think of it in terms of movement and direction. Movement: getting them started or involved. Direction: pointing them in the right direction.

Youth Ministry
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Christians are perceived as being prideful and critical towards others. How did we acquire this image of a judgemental character?

Youth Ministry
  • Gin: I know that it's been awhile since you posted this "cry for help", but I felt compelled to respond to it. After almost 30 years of youth ministry experience, changing cultures and changing...

  • Great Treasure chest full of valuable information......Thanks Again, Leslie!!!!

  • Leslie: All of us immigrants have had similar moments, but no digital immigrant no longer has any excuse, because even the best excuses no longer connect us with the digital only...

  • Great Kick-off, informative, conversation-starting article Annika!

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  • Lesli: GREAT Topic to post about.....some churches - those that tend to be smaller - transitioning is not as big an issue, I believe. And, yes, although "connecting to Jesus" is the underlying...

    posted on: Transitions
  • insult taken, and for a good portion of Canada, your generalities are correct. My situation, however, is unique since I grew up and spent 45 years in the CRC just outside New York City...

    posted on: Judgemental
  • John: I like very much in theory what you, when will you be creating this  Overture for Synod? :>)....A slight shift away from doctrinism to relational thinking. "to be less...

    posted on: Judgemental
  • Roger: Although the Kennedy Explosion Evangelism program is a great resource, it is outdated and only now useful to point us in a direction of solving the dilemma of pointing others towards God in...

    posted on: Judgemental
  • Hans: Well put.....

  • Thanks Roger for the added insight. I presume that many more have the same feelings, but just do not know how to express it, or what to do about it. Many churches are waiting for someone to tell...