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Hmmmm...What can I say? I'm an American living in Canada....a Camerican?

I grew up in northern NJ in the states in one of the biggest and oldest Reformed communities in the states. I've been working with youths since I and a few friends started a Christian Singles Ministry in 1986, where I met my wife. She radically changed the way I think and do Christianity (I call her "my muse" and she's a Brit/English Lit. educator). Her inspiration and energy over the past 25 years have spurred me on to be involved in a large church youth group setting  of 110 kids to a smaller group setting of 25 kids. My biggest advice is that the world keeps changing and so does the way we do Youth Ministry. One of my biggest blessings is that after all that time I still passionately love doing youth ministry (the statistics say only 20% make it past 3-5 years)....So I'm excited on this new journey God has led me into and am waiting for His mighty hand to do great and wonderful things



Musician (45 years)

Volleyball (Beach and Indoor - 25 years)

Christian Education

Coin Collecting


Sports (Basketball, FastPitch Softball, Volleyball - No Hockey.....Yet!)

Sipping A Nice Hot Brew Coffee....Java, Java, Java, Java...Yeah!

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