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Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum.

I am an ordained minister in the CRCNA. I work in the publishing world. So, technically my work is read by millions, which scares me the heebie jeebies (in the apprehensive sense of the word).

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  • …I am going to name one of the elephants in the CRC living room

    the reason why the CRC was "succesfull" in the past is very simple, and it has more to do with anthropology and sociology... view

  • Dear Randy:

    I am sorry to hear that my comments riled you. But, frankly, your comments sound threatening and chastising, which is probably because you wrote them in anger... not a good mood... view

  • Hi Jon:

    You may download the latest CRCNA statistics and see these two elements. The link is here: