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About Me: 

I'm a Christian man growin in faith and learning the Lord's way of living.  

Currently I'm a graduate student in Electrical Engineering, doing research in the field of High-Performance Computing, focusing on performance modeling of parallel execution computations.


How to apply the Bible's teaching in our daily life, and when we should NOT over-spiritualize some activities.

Country music, especially Christian one.

Basketball, playing, coaching and watching.

Physical training, fitness and health. 

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Get married asap

We [Christians] Americans are breading ourselves out of existance, we're waiting till late 30s to get married and having on average 1.3 kids! I argue that if we focus our efforts to get married the earliest possible and have the maximum number of kids, 7 or more! The only needed requirement is to find a compatible spouse, that's a person from the opposite sex, who accept and respect your Christian faith, accept you as a partner for life, understands the marriage covenant -willing to commit, and raise Christian kids. Doing so, we not only live a happy life, but also in 30 years we can dominate...
Young Adults
  • Thanks for the comment ma'am, maybe my message wasn't clear (with many assumptions) and I appologies for being offensive.   Surely children are not the only reason or even the main one to getting...

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  • What was alarming, weird, or negative in the original post?

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  • Why would you describe a man who devoted his life to Christ as bully!? 

    I love Pastor Driscoll, how humble he is, and how clear and deep his message is.

  • Especially for men, it's helpful to be aware of our "ego," it's usually fragile and it's tempting to protect it by all means! 

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