Alida van Dijk

About Me: 

I am born and raised in the Christian Reformed Church. Though I was baptized as an infant at a Reformed Church in London, England, I grew up in Covenant CRC, Sioux Center, Iowa, moved (with my family) to Immanuel CRC, Hamilton, Ontario when I was 12, and was the first person ever to publically profess my faith in Fellowship CRC, Ancaster (a newly-formed congregation) on October 15, 1989. I attended Sioux Center Christian Grade School, Hamilton District Christian High School, two years at Redeemer University College and completed my BA with majors in English and Psychology at Dordt College.

I matured in my faith at First CRC, London, Ontario, began at Calvin Theological Seminary in 1997 and left in 1999 with a Master of Arts degree in Educational Ministry. I served for nine years as Ministry Director at Covenant CRC in St. Catharines, Ontario. I became an ordained Ministry Associate from 2006-2008. I have completed two units of Specialized Pastoral Education—a Clinical Pastoral Education unit in 2007 and a Pastoral Counseling Education unit, Sept 2008-June 2009.

Summer 2005 brought a once-in-a-lifetime experience as I cycled across Canada with Sea to Sea with the CRC...all 7000 + km. I'm convinced it's the best way to see the country as you experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures without anything but your cycling jersey and your shorts separating you from the environment. The only problem is that when I returned back to my "real" life after that 10 1/2 week adventure, I wondered, "What do I do for an encore?" My answer came three years later...when I did it again!...with Sea to Sea 2008: Ending the Cycle of Poverty. I proudly (and a little ironically) drive my car with personalized license plates that say "BIKEDC2C".

I am a member of New Hope Church, a second site (church plant) of First Hamilton CRC, where our vision as a church is to reach out to our neighbours in East Hamilton with the love and good news of Christ.



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Job Sharing Elder Position?

Our church is having difficulty finding people who will let their name stand for the position of pastoral elder because people say it is too much work. So the question arose: Is it possible to share the job of one elder position?

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My Ordination Story

I was ordained as a ministry associate from 2006-2008. I served Covenant CRC, St. Catharines as a Ministry Director from September 4, 1999 to June 20, 2008. I sustained my classical examination at Classis Niagara in May 2006 and was official ordained in a Sunday morning worship service on June 25, 2006. June 20, 2008 was my last day serving in ministry at Covenant Church as I resigned from my ministry position there without yet knowing where He was calling me to serve Him next.