Allan Groen

About Me: 

I am married to my wife of almost 50 years, father to four children, now all in their 40s, and grandfather to ten. I am a retired pastor, and have done quite a few different things since retiring. At present I am organist at our neighbourhood Anglican Church.


I am interested in the hymns of the universal church. There is more information out there than I will ever absorb, and I am becoming familiar with styles of music that are new to me, including chants.

Also, I like to read about church history and the history of science.

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Praying the Letters of the New Testament

I am posting one brief prayer for each chapter of the letters of the New Testament. The idea is that you would read one of the chapters of any letter, and then pray the prayer you find on my blog.

  • Calvin Seminary has a list of recommended commentaries on its website. Some of those would work for a church website.