About Me: 

I am the church planter for the Niagara Falls, ON church plant yet to be named. I am married to an amazing woman full of compassion for the marginalized hence she is a special ed teacher of severe needs children. We have three boys (men) and one daughter-in-law.  I am committed to Kingdom Theology and deeply believe in a biblical community that develops disciples for Christ. I am a small group geek and believe they are the best avenue in this endeavor. When managed with vision and mission small groups can cover most areas needed in developing as disciples of Jesus Christ and guiding people to live in missional communities.

Oh yeah, I'm also "The Reverend" formerly of the blues band, Reverend and the Blues Pushers, but now playing solo in my new parish community.

"Agape love alive and breathing, the Word and the power of Holy Spirit = reached people and changed lives"


I am an avid reader, cigar connoisseur, homebrewer, musician & singer, outdoor enthusiast and a HUGE rugby fan. I play guitar, bass and blues harp and gig whenever I can. My taste in music is quite eclectic ranging from jazz and blues to some pop, opera/classical and sacred, bluegrass, metal and world music. It all depends on my mood.

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