Amy Schenkel

About Me: 

I am the Great Lakes Regional Mission Leader for Home Missions, and currently serving as the interim Operations Director as we prepare to become a new mission agency with World Missions!  My husband, Henry, and I had the joy of planting and pastoring a church plant from birth to adulthood, and so I have a special passion for church planting.  I also find joy in Adventure Races, triathlons, National Parks, and doing anything with our two children.

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  • Thanks for these insights, Wendy, as all of us who seek to support our CRC missionaries, both locally and globally, are searching for new paradigms to help the churches steward their resources... view

  • I'd be more than happy to provide the full report to anyone who emails me:

    posted on: What Counts?
  • Thanks for engaging the issue, James. 

    Since you speak of recognizing the 'facts fo each organization,' I wonder why we count certain facts and not others?  We currently count how many... view

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