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#CRClistens: Finding Grace on the Internet

The Internet is a place where people can spew hatred and generally behave in unfortunate ways. While that’s all true, I’ve also found the Internet expands my ability to engage those with whom I disagree.

Biblical Justice
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Do Lay Leaders Really Matter?

Because both the denomination and individual congregations have limited resources, we get the biggest bang for our buck focusing on pastors. But what about lay leaders? Do they really matter?

Leadership Development
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Responding to the CRWRC funding gap

GIven the recent news that CRWRC will experience a $1.1 million gap in funding this year due to loss of funding from CIDA, I was wondering if deacons/congregations are doing anything to address this particular need, beyond any normally scheduled offerings for CRWRC - scheduling additional offerings, making congregants aware of CRWRC's Harvest Hope campaign, etc. - or have any other ideas about supporting their excellent work during the challenging time.
  • We're in a similar situation. We currently pay $150 plus local travel but are wondering if we need to increase it. I am also curious if there are geographic differences. We are in an urban area (...

  • So this is a Canada-only app? Are there plans for a U.S. version?

  • Esther, that exactly the type of scenario I would like to see come to life! The challenge is that right now neither pastors nor lay members get the training they need to make it successful. Paid...

  • I'm running into similar questions in terms of setting up a system for managing our congregation's local archives, especially setting up electronic storage systems. In particular, I'm now debating...

  • At our church we take one physical offering, which includes both the general fund and a rotating special cause, ranging from local organizations to denominational agencies (the deacons determine...

  • A few years ago the deacons in my church developed a binder/handbook which gets passed to deacons for their term of service; departing deacons pass theirs onto those just coming on board.  It...

  • Rather than an issue of not wanting the wisdom that comes from experience, I think it's an issue of wanting diverse experience and the wisdom that comes from multiple viewpoints engaging each...

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  • That sounds exactly like our congregation!  Add in elder/deacon duties to that list, and for some that makes for a very rare Sunday "off."  I think smaller congregations also have a tendency to...

  • The BOT solicits recommendations from a variety of sources, including the affiliated colleges.  They also try to have a mix of new and repeat advisors every year; the general age range for...

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  • Our congregation votes on the next year's church budget at our annual December meeting.  The deacons solict funding requests from the various committee heads during the fall and then work to craft...