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Andrew Beunk

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MOSAIC at New Westminster CRC

Our congregation’s MOSAIC ministry began with a simple dinner invitation. We hosted 3 visiting Chinese scholars, and 2 Indian students. What a joy it was to learn of each other’s culture...

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Called to Be an Elder? Now What?

Now you are ordained by the church to provide spiritual oversight to the body of Christ. What does that involve? How can I serve in an office that I feel "unqualified" for? Together we will explore the nature of spiritual leadership in the church.

  • Paul - you and I are having this conversation in two different threads. Because I replied to this comment, at least in part, on that other thread, I'll include part of what I wrote there, here:...

  • Hey Paul! Nice to see you chime in. 

    Your argument reminds me of the argument for allowing younger and younger children to transition. If more children are freely allowed to change their...

  • As several folks have been engaging with Goheen's point that we need to pay attention to the global church, let me offer this related observation.

    I cannot think of any doctrine / ethic /...

  • Dr. Goheen wrote this with an eye to CRC pastors, and the broader CRC community. It's first publication is in The Network. 

  • My how this thread has grown since I last read it!  Thank you Henry, for initiating this important conversation.  You have blessed our denomination with much wise counsel over the years.


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  • You're exactly right, Doug. Thank you. OSJ, please pay attention. 

  • Eric, I know A1B does, but the church more generally tends to focus on the marriage question.  My point is, if you accept same sex marriage, the same hermeneutic will lead you to accept BTQ+...

  • Thank you Dan W, for sharing this post.

    Dr. John Cooper, retired prof. from Calvin Seminary has written an excellent paper which I heartily recommend: "RESPONSE TO GRE COMMUNICATION RE SAME...

  • Generally, Syd, I agree with your premise that Christians do well to cultivate a posture of "holy uncertainty."  I say generally because there are so many situations in life that Scripture doesn't...

  • I do want to keep this conversation going...

    This past Saturday I led a leadership retreat with all of our elders and deacons in which I introduced the concept of missional communities. The...