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I served World Renew in various capacities from agronomsit in Bangladesh to Executive Director-US. Currently I am providing consultation to the CRCNA, helping implement the decision of Synod 2015 that strengthened the role of deacons in the CRC and also has them now seated at Classes and Synod. I am also involved in the work of racial reconciliation at Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids. My passion is to see the church carry out more effectively Christ's call to be agents of transformation in a hurting world.



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Reflecting on the Call to Deacons

In the context of today's world the mandate of mercy and justice that is at the heart of the call on the office of deacon is both profound and challenging. We need to keep the call in front of us as deacons to continue to live into it more fully

  • Gillian, a great reminder of what is essential when engaging our neighbors. The Lupton Center builds on the practices you suggest. The Lupton Center has done a great job of defining helpful...

  • Very helpful suggestions!

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  • What a great practical help to deacons as they give leadership to this critical issue. Thanks Erin and Ron!!!

  • What a neat way to help a church re-focus. Another word that is used is "with". How can we do ministry "with" our community or context where God has placed us? A resource guide for approaching...

  • The video would be a great way for a Council or a Diaconate to have a discussion on the place of justice in their church's programming. It would also serve well as a topic for an Adult education...

  • It is a good story to encourage goal setting. Do you have examples churches that have set goals and created accountability around those goals? I would love to see some samples of both goals and...

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  • Bryan,

    There are two things to consider from my perspective. The first is making sure there is a credible audit trail that ensures that in fact funds are being appropriately approved and...

  • Dave,

    This is a neat story. It is what is needed to make our churches relevant to their context. Here is a related post that underscores some principles of good community engagement by...

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  • It may be helpful to clarify the purpose of the Benevolence Fund. Some churches restrict benevolence monies for membership only and then contract with a community organization for emergency needs...

  • There are other churches that are dealing with similar issues. I spoke at a meeting of Classis Pacific Northwest  , and there were...