Angela Elliott

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I'm the leader of the Prayer Ministry at our church. I believe that prayer must be the foundation of all we do in God's Kingdom. I have also started my first year at the Leadership Development Network of our classes. Looking forward to what God wants to ddo in and through me.


I enjoy gardening, music, writing, crocheting, and walks in nature setting. Being with friends and family is the highlight of my life.

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What I Read This Summer — Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

I just finished what has got to be the best book on leadership I have read yet. Instead of a list of strategies, it was about how our relationship with God strengthens our own soul for leadership.

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Is the Walking With People With Mental Illness webinar on Sept 26 or still on the proposed list?

Is the Walking With People With Mental Illness for Sept 26th.or still a proposed one? I'm confused. I received an email saying it was scheduled and to register which I did. I was just getting the details to ask others to join me and saw it was still in the proposed section. Could you clear this up so I can ask others to join when it is scheduled? Thanks so much. The contact option in the webinar section isn't supported by email server, gmail. There is no email address given so I'm trying this way to find out the answer to my question.
Disability Concerns
  • Is that webinar archived somewhere? Or will it be?

  • In BC Canada we have a policy or law that says any photo online must have people's permission. Plus there are many people who don't want or can't (a police officer) have their photo online. This...

  • I'm not a Coffee Break Leader but a Faith Formation Ministry Leader. I love your questions! I believe it is really important for us to read the Bible not just for information but for...

  • I was going to suggest the Building Blocks of Faith also. It depends what your reason and/or objective is for evaluating your ministries. Once you are clear about that, then you can look for a...

  • God's blessings to you Bonnie and everyone else connected with Safe Church Ministry. May God continue to shine his Light, through you and others, into this part of darkness. Also prayers for...

  • For me it would have to be kayaking in Deep Cove, Vancouver BC on the ocean. The beautiful scenery, the sun shining off the water, the salt on my lips, the wonder of being able to move my body and...

  • Very encouraging Drew! Thanks for sharing this.

  • These are great ideas. I would like to post this on my church's Faith Formation Website.

  • I'm reading "Mentor For Life: Finding Purpose through Intentional Discipleship" by Narasha Sistrunk Robinson and plan to return to "Teaching the Faith, Informing the Faithful: A Biblical Vision...

  • Hi, at Nelson Avenue Community Church (CRC) in Burnaby, BC we have a Safe Church protocol that requires all those who work with children, youth and lead adults to have filled out an application...