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Angela Elliott

About Me: 

I am the Pastor of Faith Formation at Nelson Avenue Community Church. We take a holistic view of Faith Formation defining it as "the life long journey (from cradle to grave) of being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ for the sake of others." I'm learning how to make this definition a practical part of our everyday life both in our church community and outside our church.


I enjoy gardening, music, writing, crocheting, and walks with my dog Charlie. He is a wonderful companion. Being with friends and family is the highlight of my life.

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Is the Walking With People With Mental Illness webinar on Sept 26 or still on the proposed list?

Is the Walking With People With Mental Illness for Sept 26th.or still a proposed one? I'm confused. I received an email saying it was scheduled and to register which I did. I was just getting the details to ask others to join me and saw it was still in the proposed section. Could you clear this up so I can ask others to join when it is scheduled? Thanks so much. The contact option in the webinar section isn't supported by email server, gmail. There is no email address given so I'm trying this way to find out the answer to my question.
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