Angela Miedema

About Me: 

I've lived my entire life (excepting my time at Dordt College) in the PRinsburg, MN area. I'm 35, been married for 15 years to the love of my life (thank you to Dordt for bringing us together!), and have two fabulous kids: Gabriel is age 4 and Chloe is 18 months. My husband is Canadian by birth, but we have corrputed him ... he is now a US citizen. We are pretty active in our church and small group. I am the chairperson for the church Nursery Team, a job I love most of the time. I love our community and especially our church even though we have our issues from time to time. Where am I going? Hmmm not really sure. My biggest goal in life is to raise our kids to love and fear the Lord, but I also really enjoy helping others and wish I had more time and money to put towards that.


Crocheting! Reading, cooking, playing computer games, knitting, cross stitch but mostly finding ways to spend time with my family and friends. I LOVE my friends!