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10 Things Not to Say to a Grieving Parent

I’ve heard all of these statements in the past six months. Some might make you cringe, and some you may have said before. The point is not to shame you for things you’ve said in the past, but help you better navigate interacting with a grieving parent in the future.

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No Easy "How-tos"

When you seek to lead children to Jesus, no formula will replace the guidance of God’s Spirit as you respond to Jesus’ command from Matthew 19: “Let the little children come to me ...”

Children's Ministry
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  • Amen! Blessings and love to fellow grieving mamas. 

    posted on: Broken Hearts
  • Hi Angela, Feel free to do so! Please just link back to this page and give credit to Faith Alive Christian Resources. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thanks for posting this, Mark. Ten months ago, my husband and I had to make the soul-crushing decision to tell the doctors to stop trying to revive our daughter. To this day, I don't know how we...

  • Hi Terry, Thanks for your interest! The recording is now available at this link:

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom and heart in this post, Danielle!

  • Hi Bill! It looks like the address is on the event page where people are asked to 'rsvp', but good suggestion to add it to this post as well.

  • Hi Harry, 

    CRC synod spoke on the issue of climate change recently. In 2010, the synod of the CRC instructed that a task force be formed to study and present a Reformed perspective of...

  • Thanks, everyone, for sharing. Love hearing the personal reasons behind why you're marching. Also, Rick, the "Polar Bears Matter" line is awesome!

  • I should also add that I'd be very interested in attending a GriefShare program. My grandma recently went through the program after my grandpa passed away, and she truly appreciated the program...