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Anthony Sytsma

About Me: 

I am a CRC Minister of the Word.  My calling church is River Terrace CRC, in East Lansing, MI.  I just finished work in Uganda for 2 years with World Renew, teaching and training pastors. I am now working for World Renew teaching at a Bible college in Kenya.



Missions, church leadership, teaching

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Purposefully Putting Culture Before Christ

I suggest that one of the greatest challenges facing Africa today is that Christians have not had a truly transformed worldview, based on the Bible. Perhaps this is still a problem in America too! 

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Do I Sacrifice?

Whenever someone tells me I’ve really sacrificed, I almost feel guilty or like a fraud. Because even though I've left family and friends, God has provided me with so much and all my needs are met. 

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Thoughts about Preaching

This last Sunday I preached at Stephenville CRC because their pastor is on vacation. This church did not know me at all to begin with, but because I am an ordained Minister of the Word in the CRC, this church in Stephenville trusted me to come and declare God's Word to them and how it should convict them of sin, change their lives, and give them hope. Wow!...

  • As a missionary, fundraising has been a wonderful way to connect to churches.  For us, it thankfully has not been too challenging.  But we are also not with RGM and have not needed to raise as...

  • I started the survey but didn't finish because I didn't like any of the choices, and it wouldn't let me continue when I had kept them all on dislike.

    I second James Bosma's title of...

  • Yes at the end of the day, it is the Holy Spirit who changes hearts and minds, we cannot do so.  But he also uses means to accomplish that, and he can use us to try to convince others of the truth...

  • James are you asking for the CRC to plant churches in Kenya? Or are you asking for church planting ideas for yourself?  I am in Nakuru.  You can email me at

    I may be...

  • Excellent article.  I have the same thoughts.  We of course need to share our faith with love and grace, but we also need to get over our fears and share the truth of the good news!

  • Good post!

  • Thank you for the article and for sharing this great resource.  However, I think the links are broken.  But I was able to find the website online still.  Maybe the links just need to be tweaked....

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  • Thank you!  Appreciate this very much.  Let's be in prayer together for our leaders and churches

  • We do a regular blog, so a lot of people read most of our blog posts.  But a good number of our supporters don't have the time or interest (we understand and aren't bothered by that!) to read...

  • Good post.  Mission trips can be done well.  I have critiqued them a lot, and rightly so.  But on the other hand, they were formative in my own life, and they can be formative for the communities...