Art Van Wyhe

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An Outreach Strategy You Cannot Ignore

Lasting personal relationships always require intentional persistent strategies that are planned, encouraged, and modeled by the leadership in the church. Check out these ideas for establishing lasting relationships.

Church Renewal
  • Thank you for sharing this effective way to make new relationships.   Church and kingdom growth always happens through relationships.  Instead of waiting for people to show-up at church this is a...

  • It is possible that a church that is closing it's doors might not be declining but rather thriving. Thriving, because they have closed the doors and left the building so they can be the church in...

  • Aaron,  Victory Point Ministries in Holland is also transitioning to Missional communities.  I would enjoy meeting you for coffeE to talk about that.  In brief, VPM  is using some tools provided...

    posted on: What Counts?
  • Thank you, Amy.  You are right on target here.  I appreciate your comment about "various stages of discipleship". Ultimately, disciples is the only thing that counts, because making disciples is...

    posted on: What Counts?