Ashley Tamminga

About Me: 

A 20-something Calvin-grad-newly-wed-youth-leading-daughter of a disabled parent-employee of the CRCNA


building community through food, camping, Appalachia, backpacking in Europe, sampling international and local micro brews, making music, medieval history, cycling, volunteering, reading fiction

  • Women absolutely need women!

    I got an idea from a group of friends in Pittsburgh to start what we call a Soup Group. A small group of women I collected from different spheres of my life...


    Our Teen Club consists of 3 kids from a local Christian school, and three kids who go to other schools, but who all know each other from outside of teen club/church. Another layer of...

  • "Blue Like Jazz: Non-Religious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality" by Don Millar is very raw and written in casual, contemporary style. Teenagers (any 20-30 something even), turned off by...