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I want to take an opportunity just to thank everyone who has worked on creating the Network, keeping it up and running, and those who take the time to serve as guides for all the rest of us.

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  • I, for one, am a woman who would like to serve on Council.  Many of the men in our church do not come to church on the Sundays they are scheduled to collect money.  One rarely goes to Council...

  • Why not let each CHURCH decide instead of each CLASSIS?  Individual churches are very different even within one classis.  Churches should have control over whether or not women are elected/...

  • Ken and Mark,

    Thank you both for your understanding and caring thoughts.  I continue to read articles on the Network and so much of what both of you write touches my heart.  I honestly do...

  • For me personally, the "mental health parity" law has not done much.  In fact, in my situation, it is the opposite.  Faced with providing more mental health coverage, the employer cut back on...

  • Ken, I totally understand where you are coming from.  The saddest part for me is that friends DO melt away -- even Christian friends.  It hurts MOST when your Christian friends ignore you or quit...

  • Mark -- First of all, thank you for all you do for people with disabilities and for bringing mental health out into the open with your posts and articles.  Unfortunately, our church didn't do much...

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