Barry Diehl

About Me: 

I am a member in good standing at Cross Roads Church in San Marcos, Ca. for the last 4 years. I am 52 years old, & I have been married to my wonderful wife Denise for 4 years.
We were married at Cross Roads Church By Pastor Mark Vermire.Since Meeting Pastor Mark in Pre Marriage classes I have accepted Christ in to my life, and have been studing scripture at a weekly Bible study on Wednesdays for about 18 months. My Wife and I have been truly blessed through our Growing in Christ, and from the support, & fellowship of our Church Family at Crossroads.
I am a Commercial Tuna Fishing Captain, Presently Running the fishing vessel "Maverick".
The method/Style of fishing we use is Hook & Line, A clean & Sustainable method where only our targeted species (Albacore Tuna) is caught & Processes in a manner which does not Over fish the Fish, & literally "ZERO" By Catch. It is a seasonal Fishery, & I leave today for Anacordes Wa., Where the Boat I running this Season is Docked. It is a long, & demanding Season, and I will be away from home,my wife, & my Church, & Church Family for the next 5 months... Through my ever strenghting Love, & Faith in Our Lord, I know that ALL is in his Hands, & He will be watching over Us in the days to come. I am so Blessed to have found the Lord, & my Church, & my Church Family At Cross Roads, It is my ROCK, & my strength while I am gone so far away...God Bless Barry : )


Growth in Christ,Reading Scripture, Fellowship,Fitness/ Racketball, All types of Fishing Fresh water, & salt water