Bert Vandentop

About Me: 

I am a retired electronic technician Life long member of the CRC. With strong interest defending the life of the unborn children


 It was with much interest reading the resonds from  Joel  Gary and im. Ideed it is time the CRC is getting involved in defendingthe unborn children. I was glad to notice that ihe office of cocial justice is noe starting to speak out. If you watch the crcna network in january you hopefully will find a prayer guide'Supporting Life with Praye." This guide was written with the prayer that many ill use it and get energized to get involved. There will be a contact e-mail for ore information.

 We also have a combined worship service January 20 in our Church, First Cutlervile CRC MI with Joel Nederhood as guest preacher. This servuice will start at 5 .00PM. With God's help and the leading oof His Spirit even a small enominaton like the CRC can be a powerful witness.

Bert Vandentop

  • How I wish that you would join us in a prayer meeting which we have every thiird Thursday of the month at the Omega House on Fulton street Grand Rapids. Many of the things you talk about are true...