Bert Wikkerink

  • I agree you you there, but the statement:

    [quote]The Quran is a helpful bridge to the Bible{/quote]

    is wrong. Read and understand it, yes. Bridge to the Bible, absolutely not.

  • [quote]The Quran is a helpful bridge to the Bible[/quote]

    Those are very dangerous waters you are treading in.

  • Larry,

    Interesting that you mention drones. It's President Obama who uses those. They are not available to the general public, the last time I checked. As far as AK47's, bombs and grenades...

  • The problem with gun control Larry is that it would not have done ANY good, either in Sandy Hollow, or in Boston. People who are guilty of those atrocities don't pay any attention to any such laws...

  • [quote=j.gregsinclair]

    I am sure a passionate commitment to their faith would also be true for those we share dialogue with.



    Unfortunately, they act out...

  • Meaningless words from the Grand Sheik, unless the muslims will follow his guidence.

  • Please keep in mind that banning guns will do nothing to prevent criminals, or mentally unstable people from carrying out violence with guns. Addressing issues pertaining to mental health would go...