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I grew up in the crc, and am still here, along with my family. I'm married to Daryl, who has a construction business. I had a cpa license for 10 or so years, then I added EX to the front, and MOM to the back, so now I'm an EX CPA, MOM =). I am MOM to Duncan(12), Ian (8) and Samantha (6). Our family also owns a raspberry farm, and in the summers we get to work out there.


Several years ago, the LORD re-opened up the eyes/ears of my heart to see/hear Him again. This was a profound change in my faith and walk with Him, making my relationship with Him much more personal, and discovering the "secret place" (Ps. 91:1 NKJV) with Him. That caused me to pursue listening prayer, which is something I've realized is not a strong point in our denomination. I'm praying God will be gracious and teach us this amazing gift, He designed for us, His children. I love to spend time in prayer, worship, reading His Word and lots of books based on His Word. and I love to share and have conversations with others, discussing our faith and what God is doing. I would love to see the crc understand "high praise" (Ps. 149:6 NKJV as one reference) I would love to see the crc eagerly pursue the Spirit given gift of prophecy, not just acknowledge it. (I Cor. 14:1) I would love to see the crc embrace fasting more intentionally as a practice (Matt. 6:16...when (not if) you fast) I am excited and encouraged with the prayer summit being planned for this April, and hope I will be able to be there.

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