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I grew up in the crc, and am still here, along with my family. I'm married to Daryl, who has a construction business. I had a cpa license for 10 or so years, then I added EX to the front, and MOM to the back, so now I'm an EX CPA, MOM =). I am MOM to Duncan(12), Ian (8) and Samantha (6). Our family also owns a raspberry farm, and in the summers we get to work out there.


Several years ago, the LORD re-opened up the eyes/ears of my heart to see/hear Him again. This was a profound change in my faith and walk with Him, making my relationship with Him much more personal, and discovering the "secret place" (Ps. 91:1 NKJV) with Him. That caused me to pursue listening prayer, which is something I've realized is not a strong point in our denomination. I'm praying God will be gracious and teach us this amazing gift, He designed for us, His children. I love to spend time in prayer, worship, reading His Word and lots of books based on His Word. and I love to share and have conversations with others, discussing our faith and what God is doing. I would love to see the crc understand "high praise" (Ps. 149:6 NKJV as one reference) I would love to see the crc eagerly pursue the Spirit given gift of prophecy, not just acknowledge it. (I Cor. 14:1) I would love to see the crc embrace fasting more intentionally as a practice (Matt. 6:16...when (not if) you fast) I am excited and encouraged with the prayer summit being planned for this April, and hope I will be able to be there.

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So What Is "Prophetic"?

The editorial linked to below mentions "prophetic" in some form 2 times. I also heard this word being used at synod in various discussions. I'm interested in what you think this might mean.   

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What Exactly is High Praise?

Several years ago, I heard the concept “high praise” at a prayer gathering, and it was the first time I could remember that I had heard that term, at least the first time it registered. I tucked that thought in the back of my mind and, every once in a while, would reflect on it. 

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Prayer for the Church

The LORD put the song "O Church Arise" on my heart several times over the last year as I pray about our (the Church's) role in bringing love and healing to a very broken world.

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Listening Prayer - Continued

Ok, I had shared part of a testimony as a reply under the first "listening prayer"  posting ... what was interesting timing is that very day when I wrote this 2nd part, I later ran into the cantata director to get his permission to share his part in it. 

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What is listening prayer?

ok, with the intro at Synod (Tues pm1 @ about 37 minutes in) to our new home missions director, Moses Chung, I want to raise some questions on listening prayer. How much do we do listening prayer in corporate/communal settings? In the intro, Brother James, pres. of home missions, said, " God spoke to us and said, "This is the person..." Now I know the scriptures do not say, "In 2011, the CRC Home Missions will appoint Moses for their director". So, how did they "hear Him? After hundreds of years of cessationism, that we refuted in the 1973 Synod, where are we at with listening prayer? Do we...
  • wow, i'm in tears... how can it be heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time... by the love and grace of God...  thank You Lord!

    and thank you Kelly and safe church and all of you who...

  • just to be clear 67% of respondents said they had experienced it... that doesn't mean 67% of leaders abuse their power... we don't have a stat on that at all that I'm aware of...  and at this...

  • That's right, i forgot about this interesting article based on the first survey recently completed on spiritual abuse... the estimate of those who have experienced spiritual abuse in some way,...

  • I am curious on the 2% of leaders abuse their power stat... what I've found is significantly higher... ie. various surveys results indicate that 30-40% of pastors have had inappropriate sexual...

  • Thanks Kelly, appreciate your input and all your work in this area over the years, especially in 2016...

    Transference/emotional affairs can be a significant concern when there is counseling...

  • Roger... there have been so many comments for this discussion that the comments are now on Page 2!  =) at least on my computer...

    thankful to see the discussion going on here in a fairly...

  • Thank you Safe Church for putting this together with the relevant links!  very helpful and practical!  much appreciated!  bless your hearts!  Bev

  • BOQ Or we will be having this discussion again in about four years. EOQ

    Hey Judy, you were prophetic... they did have the discussion again in 4 years (2014) and again 4 years later (2018...

  • bless your heart Heidi... Beautiful, precious...  thanks for sharing!  there are so many psalms that include shouting as praise to God... 

    I've been praying for a fresh flow of the Spirit...

  • Hello, just spending a few moments going through some older network posts here via safe church, and the link to the CRCNA 2005 emotional abuse report did not work... just wondering what happened...