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My name is Bill Koehler. I've been a member of the CRC since 1985, two weeks before my wife and I married. We have been members of Covenant CRC in Woodstock since the early 90's. I currently serve as chair of our council, and my wife, Wanda, has been a GEMS counselor for the last few years. I work "part-time" for Canada Post, and also part time in a grocery store. We have two daughters: Sarah, 24, lives in London, Ont. and is a waitress/bartender. Caitlin, 21, works at the local Blockbuster video store, and is planning to marry next September.

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What resources are available to churches for performing staff evaluations?

We're in the process of setting up evaluations of our staff in the New Year. I'm looking for resources that would help us with effectively evaluating our Pastor, Youth Director, Secretary and Custodian. I've reviewed a resource I received a few months ago ("Evaluation Essentials for Congregational Leaders"), but I found it simply expressed the importance of the evaluation, but gave no concrete approach or steps to performing one. Where can I find this?
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  • Hi Kathy,

     Thanks for your response to my post. Yes, if you could send along those pages from the Church Order commentary, that would be very helpful.