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CRC pastor since 1979.  Currently at Pine Grove Church in Howard City, MI.  Moving to Anchorage in July 2013

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Before You Fire Your Pastor

In light of the recent spate of Article 17 terminations, this is an article worth wide dissemination. I see far too many pastors being pushed out far too quickly for often ill-defined reasons. 

  • I read a hint somewhere many years ago that has helped me immensely. I make it a habit to be one of the last two or three people to leave the building after church each Sunday. That allows those...

  •  As the current pastor at this church I agree with everything in this article. It is worth noting that the first two are entirely the councils responsibility. The stable s I agree with everything...

  • The earlier link I posted has died. This one works

  • Wouldn't it be wise to include the address of Monroe Community Church in this announcement? I know where it is, but we shouldn't assume everyone does, or force them to dig to figure it out.

  • Henry's article basically gives my answer. Deacon can be clerk of council, though that raises the question of who will be clerk of the consistory (elders). A non-council member may serve as minute...

  • While the Church Order may not address this, it is probable that either your congregation's by-laws or state or provincial non-profit by-laws do. It is common to require that the council (or non-...

  • Hi, Gil. Remember teaching in Moscow together. Good times.

    I offered everything I had to Gary Vander Scaaf at Credo Books:

  • Shawn, I may be proven wrong, but I doubt that a comprehensive database of pastors open to receiving a call will ever br available. Why? Because as soon as it becomes known in the church they are...

  • Thanks for this account, Dean. Like Shannon said, we too often make abortion about an issue rather than real people.

    In answer to your question about how to advise in a case like this, I...

  • I had to search for the link. This is the one I suggested for the OSJ abortion page:

    Unlike too many anti-abortion sites, I found this one to be medically...