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Bonnie Nicholas

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Protecting Innocence in a Digital World

Chris McKenna, founder of Protect Young Eyes, recently spoke at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about protecting children on the internet. He will also be a featured workshop leader at Inspire 2019.

Safe Church
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Working in Opposites

Light and dark, evil and good, right and wrong, mercy and justice. These concepts work in opposites. How do we, the church, walk in the tension of the in-between space where we all live?

Safe Church
  • Welcome Amanda! You are an answer to many prayers! I'm deeply encouraged by the gifts and abilities that you bring to this role. May the Lord add his blessings to you and to your Safe Church...

  • Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for your courage in overcoming your triggers to read this article, and for your courage in sharing a response, which can help give others "permission" to share their experiences as well...

  • Thank you for these very timely and sad-but-true words that the Church simply must hear, lament, repent and follow a different way. Church renewal, perhaps the very life of the Church, is...

  • With all due respect, biblical calls for justice are non-partisan.

  • Thanks for the tip. The trailer definitely makes me want to watch this documentary.

  • Just a quick note, I said the words, "I can't complete this reflection without saying something about white male power in our culture, and all that goes along with it ..." because that is a...

  • Hi Bill,

    You are absolutely right to point out the lack of clarity of my expression. Thanks for pointing it out. I have since changed my comment. My intent was not to imply that every white...

  • Thank you Karl, you're right that justice work is not easy, we all need the encouragement to not grow weary.

  • Thank you for your thoughtful comments, how "hidden" this is as part of our culture makes it difficult to confront.