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I have been a member of a CRC congregation my entire life.  I currently am the clerk of shepherding elders in my first year as elder.

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Can unity be established under constraint?

The fifth bullet of the second point in the Belhar states: "that this unity can be established only in freedom and not under constraint;" I am wondering from a theological viewpoint whether this statement is Biblical? It seems to say that God cannot unify under constraint? Or maybe it is we humans who cannot unify under constraint? In either case it seems to me that we are limiting God, either working through His people to unify or directly himself. What am I missing? I think I would be OK if the phrasing said that we must strive to establish this unity in freedom and not under constraint,...
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  • Hi Mike,

    I appreciate your thoughts on this topic.  It is not clear to me that 'this unity' refers to the unity we have in Christ.  I cannot say that your statement is untrue, I just can't...