Brenda Kronemeijer Heyink

About Me: 

I'm the campus pastor of Campus Edge Fellowship, a ministry to graduate students, staff and faculty at Michigan State University. I'm also a PhD candidate in Old Testament at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. 

  • I'd be happy to share. Can you give me a bit more about yourself, so that I can share that with you properly? Feel free also to contact me via email (brenda at

  • For our graduate student group, we tend to rotate between a study based on a book (that people can read but don't have to) or on a book of the Bible. Both of those require a bit more preparation...

  • Thank-you for the reminder of how my own quieting myself of/from distractions is a gift I bring to those to whom I pastor.

  • Thanks for the comments. I have to admit that I'm not sure what's best in terms of attending a Christian college or a public university. I went to a Christian college (Redeemer), and it was very...