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About Me: 

I'm Brian Hilbrand, I have been a member at Grant CRC all my life. I was baptized, raised, and made profession of faith in this church. I have been running sound there since I was 12. (12-13 years).  Now in 2013 I am the "Sound set up coordenator" for our church sound, where I set up our sound for Sunday worship and events in the church.  Also I opperate sound for other events that take place in the church, as well as sing and sometimes play guitar in the worship band at church.

When not in church I Volunteer at various events, including an all day concert in Muskegon, and also am a part of my community theatre for 7th shows with them. 


My interest as sort of stated above would be: Sound and tech stuff, also singing, playing my guitars, community theatre, volunteering for many great charities.

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Paid Tech ... Need Opinions

Next to paid staff, I'm the only one who spends time of my own at the church during the week. I love doing what I do, 100% But this is a "thankless Job" if you will, and sometimes just a little appreciation would be nice. Do any of your churches do anything for that kind of person, and if so what do you do?

Church Admin & Finance
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  • I enjoy getting to read and post on the "Tech" part of the site, and hopefully it helps other people that read what ive wrote.

  • I posted about going to a conference and having it payed for.  I didn't go to a conference, but have since designed and upgrated our entire new sysem and it has been great!!

  • Update to this: I now have a title as "Sound Set Up Coordenator" where I set up for anything thats at church like before, but with a title.  That being said, I have since got a gift card for gas,...

  • My home church use to have a guest book we passed, and people would put in contact info, and now we have a guest book when you come in but last I knew nothing gets done with that info..