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I am the husband of one wife (Joanne), the father of four young adults (Rebecca, Justin, Seth and Chara), the father-in-law of three fine people (Liam, Candice and Emily), and by the end of summer 2012 the grandfather of three (Brooklyn, and her new sister and cousin still inside their moms). My working life has had me be an ambulance attendant, a pastor of a Christian Reformed congregation, a missionary in the Philippines with Christian Reformed World Missions, and currently Director of Canadian Ministries with the Christian Reformed Church. One of the facets of my position is that I serve as the Ecumenical Officer for the CRCNA.


I am seldom happier than when Joanne and I are on my motorcycle, heading down the highway toward our next adventure.

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Connecting the Dots

About a month ago I was having coffee with my dad. In the course of our conversation, he said “You know what, 60 years ago today I stepped foot on Canadian soil for the first time.”

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A Good Reason to Gather [Bruce's Blog]

A few years ago I came across a cartoon that struck me as unfortunately true. In the first few panels, a pastor was engaged in various dimensions of ministry: consoling a grieving family, talking to a judge about one of his parishioners who had been arrested, encouraging a man who just got laid off. Then, in the last frame, a angry parishioner confronts the pastor in his study and says “You ministers don’t know what it’s like out there in the real world!”

  • Hi Dirk.

    All who claim the Clergy Residence Deduction have to follow the same rules.  So, whether one is an ordained minister serving a congregation, a chaplain at a hospital, or a person...

  • There are different ways of looking at ecumenism, and people have different expectations of what the result of the ecumenical enterprise will be.

    Sometimes people say things that imply that...

  • I really appreciate Lou and Mark's comments.  They help outline some of the challenges, and some of the opportunities, that come with the CRC's participation in the WCRC.


    Without a...